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Pokémon GO AR Bug Prevents Players Seeing Friends List

An AR bug was reported by players before the Community Day event, preventing them from viewing the Friends list to increase Friendship levels.
Pokémon GO AR Bug Prevents Players Seeing Friends List
(Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Compan & Reddit / No_Drop_7601)

The latest Community Day event for Pokémon GO featured Timburr and its evolution line as its featured Pokémon. Running for three hours on 15th October 2023, many players headed outdoors to meet fellow Trainers and be introduced to new Trainers.

However, several players reported on the Pokémon GO subreddit that an AR bug had prevented them from viewing the Friends list for trades and forwarding gifts. As of writing, developer Niantic has yet to respond to the recent bug issues experienced in-game.

According to several posts on the Pokémon GO subreddit on 15th October 2023, the Timburr Community Day was less thrilling as many Trainers revealed an in-game bug affecting various AR features and capabilities. This feature allowed Trainers to see who's online, accept Pokémon trades, and forward gifts from Berries, Poke Balls, and tickets for Special Research stories.

pokemon go news augmented reality ar mode bug friends list increasing friendship levels community day october 2023
Hours before the Timburr Community Day event, another AR Mode bug was encountered by Trainers. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

One Redditor revealed that they continuously received an error pop-up when trying to view their Friends list in-app. Many comments on the thread have highlighted similar experiences, ranging from only seeing one friend to none showing or receiving the aforementioned error.

This hampered many Trainers' activities for the Timburr Community Day, in which they used the game to coordinate with friends and other nearby players. Another Redditor commented, "I'm trying to coordinate friendship increases with eight people today at the start of Community Day, and this is happening, lmao. For what it's worth, my list loads about a quarter of the time, so just keep trying."

While this appears to be an ongoing issue regarding AR capabilities in-game, Trainers have previously reported that AR Mode prevents them from encountering and catching Pokémon. Niantic has yet to respond to the recent AR bug identified by Trainers and will update this article once new information has been provided.