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Pokémon GO Community Day (March 2023) – Date, Time & Featured Pokémon

Things to know about the next Pokémon GO Community Day dates for March 2023, including when it starts, and all featured spawns in the event.
Pokémon GO Community Day (March 2023) – Date, Time & Featured Pokémon

Pokémon GO’s Community Day is a recurring monthly in-game event to celebrate the game's dedicated community by highlighting a popular Pokémon. This featured monster will spawn more frequently for the event duration and allows Trainers to meet up with others in local environments worldwide.

As the year is coming to a close, the next Community Day event features Chespin, with plenty of bonuses and rewards in store. We’ve detailed everything about the upcoming event, including the start and end date and time and all featured Pokémon.

6th March 2023 Update: This guide reflects new information for the upcoming Community Day event, which will begin on 18th Marchy 2023. The original guide continues below.

Pokémon GO Community Day March 2023 – Dates & Times

With the Pokémon GO's Season of Rising Heroes having started on 1st March 2023, Niantic has already confirmed the next Community Day event date. Trainers can look forward to activities like Raids, Research tasks, and plenty of rewards to earn when the Slowpoke and Galarian Slowpoke Community Day occurs on 18th March 2023.

The event will go live in-game for three hours between 2 pm and 5 pm local time, as you can expect several event bonuses, including Stardust, Candy, Lure Modules, and Incense. As confirmed by Niantic, Field and a paid Special Research will be available for you to complete and gain even more rewards for the event's duration.

This ticketed Special Research story, Slow, and Slower, will be available for the event's duration, and you can purchase the ticket in-game for $1,00 or the equivalent of your local currency. This ticket can be acquired from the in-game Shop, and you can also gift your friends with this ticket by tapping the "Gift" button.

pokemon go events guide slowpoke community day featured pokemon slowpoke galarian slowpoke
Shiny forms of Slowpoke and Galarian Slowpoke will spawn during the Community day event. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

Furthermore, Timed and Field Research tasks will be made available for the Community Day event for free to all Trainers. Details on their respective tasks and rewards have yet to be released, which will be provided by notable Pokémon source, Leek Duck.

Pokémon GO Community Day March 2023 – Featured Pokémon

The developer has confirmed the Water/Psychic-type Pokémon, Slowpoke, as the featured Pokémon for the upcoming Community Day. Additionally, Galarian Slowpoke will also appear alongside Slowpoke as both Pokémon will have their Shiny forms spawning, as you may stand a chance of encountering it more frequently.

If you successfully catch the Pokémon and evolve Slowpoke to Slowbro or Slowking (or Galarian Slowbro or Slowking)  during and for five hours following the event, it will also know a Charged Attack, Surf. This attack will have a power of 65 during Trainer battles and a 65 Power stat during Gyms and raids.

pokemon go events guide slowpoke community day charged attack evolve evolution
Evolve Galarian Slowpoke to Galarian Slowbro or Slowking, and it will know the Surf Charged Attack. (Picture: Twitter / Pokémon GO)

Specifically for Community Day, you can catch 30 Psychic-type Pokémon when you're out on an adventure with galarian Slowpoke. This will see your Galarian Slowpoke to Galarian Slowbro, which you have between 2 pm and 10 pm local time.

This event will also have a Bonus Raid Battle, which begins immediately after the Community Day event with Slowpoke and Galarian Slowpoke as a four-star Raid boss. To participate, you will require a Raid Pass or Premium Battle Pass, as Remote Raid Passes are ineligible.

Pokémon GO Community Day March 2023 – Event Bonuses

Pokémon GO's Community Day event this March will see plenty of event bonuses for Trainers to take advantage of during and after the event concludes. While most event bonuses will be active for the event's duration, *specific bonuses will be active on both days between 2 pm and 10 pm local time.

Niantic has released details for the Slowpoke Community Day, including its event bonuses, as we've detailed below for Pokémon GO:

All Noibat Community Day Event Bonuses:
  • Triple Stardust, when catching Pokémon 
  • Double Candy for catching Pokémon
  • Double the chance to earn Candy XL from catching Pokémon for Trainers Level 31 and higher
  • Lure Modules and Incense (excluding Daily Adventure Incense) will be activated for the event and be available for three hours
  • A surprise could occur when taking snapshots during the event
  • An additional Special Trade will be allowed for a maximum of two for this specific day*
  • 50% less Stardust is required when making Trades during and five hours following the event*