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Pokémon GO Battle Day Steven Stone – All Timed Research Challenges & Rewards

Here's everything about the upcoming Timed Research tasks and rewards for the Pokémon GO Battle Day Steven Stone event.
Pokémon GO Battle Day Steven Stone – All Timed Research Challenges & Rewards

Pokemon GO always has something going on for players to enjoy. There are multiple events, research tasks, and so much more for players to accomplish. Because there is so much content in Pokemon GO, it can be challenging to keep up with it all. But we are here to help because there is another event that players should be aware of. 

The latest Pokemon GO Battle Day is approaching fast; this time, it has the theme of Steven Stone, a champion from the Hoenn region. The best part is that there are plenty of rewards based on him. Here, we will go over the Timed Research challenges and rewards for the Pokemon GO Battle Day Steven Stone event during the Mythical Wishes Battle League season.

Steven Stone GO Battle Day: Timed Research Tasks & Rewards

Pokemon GO Timed Research Tasks
Players will be rewarded with Elite Charged TMs for completing Timed Research Tasks during the GO Battle Day. (Picture: Niantic)

GO Battle Days allow players to participate in more battles than normal. Normally, Pokemon GO has a limit on how many times you can battle, but Battle Days are for Pokemon GO players who enjoy battling. To celebrate this, Time Research is available for players to motivate them to fight even more.

Here are the Timed Research Tasks for the upcoming Steven Stone Pokemon GO Battle Day:

  • Battle In the GO Battle League 5 times
  • Battle in the Go Battle League 10 times
  • Use 10 Supereffective Charged Attacks
  • Power UP Pokemon 10 times

As you can see, each of the Timed Research tasks is based on battling. If you battle in the GO Battle League, you will naturally finish these Timed Research Tasks. You will get various rewards as well. For each completed task, you will receive 7500 XP.

On top of that, if you complete all the tasks, you will get 2 Rare Candy, 1 Elite Charged TM, and 1 Steven Rings for your avatar. The Steven Rings and the Elite Charged TM are definitely worth the time and effort, so we suggest you complete these Time Research Tasks while you can.

How Long Do You Have To Complete Timed Research Tasks?

Pokemon GO Go Battle Day Timed Research
This GO Battle Day is part of the Mythical Wishes GO Battle League season. (Picture: Niantic)

As you might imagine, you do not have that long to finish the Timed Research Tasks. You only have the duration of the Steven Stone GO Battle Day to finish all of the Timed Research Tasks. Once that timeframe is up, the Timed Research Tasks will go away, and you will miss your chance at these rewards.

You have to finish these Timed Research Tasks between 14 January at midnight local time and 15 January at 11:59 pm. Once the clock hits 16 January, you will no longer be able to finish the Timed Research Tasks and miss out on rewards. So use that time wisely if you plan to play Pokemon GO this weekend.