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Pokémon GO Buddy Souvenirs: How To Get

Souvenirs are unique rewards Trainers can be gifted from their Buddy Pokémon in their adventures, so learn how to get them in Pokémon GO.
Pokémon GO Buddy Souvenirs: How To Get

Your adventures in the open world of Pokémon GO won’t be explored alone, as Trainers can have their favorite Pokémon tag along for the journey. This makes them your trusted Buddy, for which the Buddy Pokémon mechanic was introduced in-game in 2019 to massive popularity.

Having your Buddy Pokémon alongside you increases your budding relationship with the Pokémon, and you can acquire unique perks and rewards, including Souvenirs. This friendly guide details what you need to know about Buddy Pokémon and the souvenirs you can get in Pokémon GO.

What Are Buddy Souvenirs & How To Get Them In Pokémon GO?

Souvenirs are among the few rewards Trainers can earn through Buddy Adventures with their Pokémon in-game. These are gifted to you by your Buddy Pokémon, and the types of souvenirs you can earn depend on the surrounding environment.

The souvenir you’ll receive from your Buddy Pokémon will also reflect the area or location where they’ve discovered it. As such, being gifted a souvenir from them will award you another Affection heart which can be found on your Buddy Pokémon’s profile page.

Navigate to their profile page and find the Bonus category tab to find all your bonus gifted Affection hearts. Additionally, by visiting various gyms or PokéStops, your Buddy Pokémon wishes to visit and spin the Photo Discs when the indicator is visible.

Doing this can give you a Bonus Affection heart, which can also be found under the tab. Nevertheless, acquiring souvenirs can only be earned if you’ve reached a specific Buddy level, Ultra Buddy, with your Buddy Pokémon.

pokemon go mechanics guide buddy system how to get souvenirs buddy pokemon
You'll need to have reached Ultra Buddy level to receive souvenirs from your Buddy Pokémon. (Picture: Twitter / Pokémon GO)

Additionally, you can receive a Souvenir and a Present from your Buddy Pokémon, which may grant you an Affection heart. Likewise, reading the descriptions of these Souvenirs can inform you more about them and provide you with warnings like the Mushrooms which you can’t eat.

It’s possible to be gifted a Souvenir and a Present on the same day, and should you receive a duplicated Souvenir, you can view the dates and locations of each Souvenir within the description. And lastly, if you’re wondering about storage space within your Bag or Inventory, don’t sweat it, as they won’t take up much space.