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What is Candy XL Used For in Pokémon GO?

How to use XL Candy in Pokémon GO to make your Pokémon more powerful.
What is Candy XL Used For in Pokémon GO?

Candy has been part of Pokémon GO since it came out, but Candy XL was only available for the first time with the GO Beyond update. The new kind of Candy increased the possible CP of all Pokémon within the game.

In the past, the max level for Pokémon GO was level 40, and there was no need for the XL version of the Candies. With the GO Beyond update though, the level cap was increased to 50, and it created a necessity for larger end-game Candies. But with the Season of GO, the XL Candies just became far more accessible.

How to collect and use Candy XL in Pokemon Go

Candy XL catch
Catching Pokémon will have the chance to drop XL after level 31. (Picture: Niantic)

In Pokémon GO: Season of GO, the level required to start collecting Candy XL was reduced to Trainer level 31. Before this, players need to reach at least level 40 to start collecting. Before level 31 though, Trainers will still be unable to collect any XL at all.

After level 31, every Pokémon caught will have the chance to provide XL Candy along with regular candy. Typically, there will only be one, but sometimes two can appear. Transferring the same type of Pokémon will also give the chance to get an XL, but it's not always guaranteed.

Once a Pokémon reaches the normal CP max, the regular Candy can't be used to increase the number any longer. But instead, you can take that Candy and trade it for Candy XL. In general, you will need 100 Candy for just one of the XL versions, so it's not very efficient.

When you have at least 10 Candy XL, you can start increasing levels by going you a Pokémon and using the normal power-up option. As long as you have the right Candy, the ability to increase the CP will be available. That cost may increase as your Pokémon CP does as well though.

How does Candy XL affect CP in Pokémon GO?

Candy XL exchange
Normal Candies can be exchanged for one XL. (Picture: Niantic)

Even when you have XL Candy, you will still need to deal with Trainer levels in Pokémon GO. Regardless of your level in the game, there is always a limit to the CP on your favourite Pokémon that is tied directly to your own XP. This applies to the use of regular Candy as well.

As you start reaching higher ranks, like 40 to 50, Candy XL will be the key to making your Pokémon far more powerful. This massive CP boost makes Raids far more manageable, and the Master League will be more competitive. In short, the XL Candies are all about attaining higher levels of power.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic.