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Pokémon GO Dratini Community Day Classic – All Special Research Challenges

The next Pokémon GO Community Day Classic features exclusive Special Research tasks you can complete for rewards.
Pokémon GO Dratini Community Day Classic – All Special Research Challenges

Pokémon GO sees two more Community Day events scheduled for November, with the first kicking off with the Dragon-type Pokémon, Dratini. Since you can expect to see plenty of Dratini and its evolutions, Dragonair and Dragonite throughout the event, you can expect Shiny forms of these Pokémon to spawn.

Likewise, there are various in-game activities to look forward to and gain rewards, including the event-exclusive Special Research. Here’s everything about the Dratini Community Day Classic Special Research, including tasks and rewards for Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Dratini Special Research Challenges & Rewards

The Community Day Classic is back in Pokémon GO, with the Dragon-type Pokémon Dratini and its evolutions among the featured Pokémon for this event. During this limited-time event, all Trainers will receive increased chances of encountering the Pokémon in the wild with the potential of a Shiny Dratini appearing.

pokemon go events dratini community day classic ticket purchase special research tasks rewards
Trainers can access the exclusive Special Research tasks by purchasing an event ticket through the in-game shop. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

Developer Niantic has also revealed details for a paid Special Research story for the event, which you can purchase for $1,00 or equivalent to your local currency via the in-game shop. You can then access the Special Research tasks and complete them to earn various rewards, including encounters, XP, and Dratini Candy.

Below, we’ve detailed all the Special Research tasks and their rewards for the Dratini Community Day Classic for Pokémon GO:

Dratini Community Day Classic (1/4)

  • Power up Pokémon ten times: Poké Ball x15
  • Caught 15 Dratini: Dratini Encounter
  • Make five Nice Throws: Dratini Candy x20

Dratini Community Day Classic (2/4)

  • Caught 15 Dratini: Dratini Candy x30
  • Transfer ten Pokémon: Dragonair Encounter
  • Evolve three Dratinis: Pinap Berry x10

Dratini Community Day Classic (3/4)

  • Make three Great Curveball Throws: Dratini Candy x50
  • Evolve a Dragonair: Lucky Egg x1
  • Transfer ten Pokémon: Grear Ball x15

Dratini Community Day Classic (4/4)

  • Claim Reward!: Silver Pinap Berry x2
  • Claim Reward!: Dratini Encounter
  • Claim Reward!: 3,500 XP

In addition to the individual rewards you can earn for each Special Research task, there are rewards you can obtain when completing each research page. For example, the first page will award you a Dratini encounter, 2,000 Stardust, and an Incense item.

pokemon go events dratini community day classic event bonuses activities
Take advantage of the event bonuses available for the Dratini Community Day Classic, including triple Catch Stardust. (Picture: Twitter / Pokémon GO)

If you complete the tasks from the second page, you'll be awarded a Dratini encounter, 1,500 XP, and a Lure Module that can assist in attracting more wild Pokémon near PokéStops. The third page sees you earning 15 Ultra Balls, 2,500 XP, and a Rocket Radar to help you locate Team GO Rocket Leaders and its boss, Giovanni.

Finally, once all Special Research tasks have been completed, you can claim the research tasks rewards from the fourth page. Lastly, 3,000 XP, three Rare Candies, and a Dragonite encounter can be claimed from the fourth page once the tasks are completed.

Alongside the Special Research tasks and event bonuses to take advantage of, there are other activities to enjoy during the Community Day Classic event. Niantic has also made an event-exclusive Field Research task available which you can earn various rewards, including a Dratini encounter.

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Featured image courtesy of Niantic / The Pokémon Company.