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Can Grubbin Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

The Grubbin Community Day is coming for Pokemon GO and we talk about the Shiny Grubbin possibilities for that day.
Can Grubbin Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO is a game that has been out for a couple of years now, and when it was first released, a large number of people played the game. Although the excitement has died down a bit, there is still a dedicated fanbase that goes out and tries to catch Pokemon during their walks. This is especially true when events take place like Community Days.

Community Days are great for plenty of different reasons. During these days, there is a surplus of the featured Pokemon and it makes it easier to catch and evolve that Pokemon. In September, the Grubbin Community Day is going to take place. Players are starting to wonder if there will be shiny Grubbin to catch during the Community Day. We discuss that down below.

Can Grubbin Be Shiny In Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO Shiny Grubbin
The Grubbin Community Day will happen in September for Pokemon GO. (Picture: Niantic)

Not all events are created equal, and not all events will have a shiny Pokemon in them. There are a good number of events in Pokemon GO where some of the featured Pokemon cannot be shiny. That is why it is important to check before you go shiny hunting because it could save you a lot of time during the event where time is limited.

Thankfully, we have that information already. It is confirmed that players can indeed catch Shiny Grubbin during Grubbin Community Day. From what we can tell, Grubbin is the only Pokemon that day that will have increased shiny odds. So it would be in your best interests to check as many Grubbins as possible to see if they are shiny or not.

How To Find Shiny Grubbin In Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Shiny Grubbin
There are plenty of ways to get yourself a Shiny Grubbin in Pokemon GO. (Picture: Niantic)

Shiny hunting in Pokemon GO does not take too much effort. During the Grubbin Community Day, you will have a much higher chance of finding a Shiny Grubbin than you would for any other Pokemon in the wild. All you need to do is check every Grubbin in the overworld as if you are going to catch it to see if it is a shiny one or not.

You can even do this after the Community Day is complete. After the Grubbin Community Day, Charjabug will become available as a Four-Star raid for a few hours after the event. Complete the raid, and wild Grubbin will appear. The wild Grubbin from the Charjabug Raid will have increased odds of being a Shiny Pokemon, so it is worth doing these raids.