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What Is The Invisible Obstacle In Pokémon Go?

Here, we explain exactly what is the invisible object you might have found in Pokemon GO.
What Is The Invisible Obstacle In Pokémon Go?

Pokemon GO is one of the most supported games of all time. There are many different events, updates, and missions for players to take on in the game. The game is huge around the world and it is full of Pokemon and hidden features for players to discover. There are a lot of things hidden in Pokemon GO.

Lately, players have been reporting that there is an invisible object that you can find in Pokemon GO. As big as Pokemon GO is, players will often speculate if it is just another bug. This invisible object though is no bug. What is this invisible object that players have found in Pokemon GO? We will get into that down below.

The Invisible Object In Pokemon GO Explained

Pokemon GO Invisible Object
With all the events happening in Pokemon GO, players are reporting that they have found an invisible object in the game. (Picture: Niantic)

Throughout the years, Niantic has been expanding the Pokedex in Pokemon GO to include just about every Pokemon that is available in the main series. But there are some Pokemon that have been left out for quite some time. That includes Pokemon that may have the ability to become invisible.

To put it simply, the invisible object in Pokemon GO is actually a Pokemon. You might be wondering what that Pokemon is. We are here to tell you that the invisible object in Pokemon GO is actually a Kecleon.

It has been a few years since the Hoenn region's Pokedex was fully completed in Pokemon GO. The only thing though was Kecleon was actually missing from Pokemon GO. As it turns out, Kecleon was just invisible this entire time in Pokemon GO, or at least, that is how Niantic has been explaining it.

How To Make The Invisible Object In Pokemon GO Appear

Pokemon GO invisible object
As it turns out, the invisible object in Pokemon Go is actually the long-awaited Kecleon. (Picture: Niantic)

Now that you know that the invisible object is actually a Kecleon, you will obviously want to catch it. That is especially true if you have been waiting for this Pokemon to help complete your Hoenn Pokedex for the game. Catching Kecleon is actually pretty simple.

First, you need to tap a Pokestop. Once you tap on it, you might notice that you cannot spin the Pokestop. That is because Kecleon is hiding on the Pokestop, preventing it from moving. What you need to do is actually tap the invisible object, Kecleon, a couple of times. Once you do that, Kecleon will pop off the Pokestop. Exit out of the Pokestop and you can catch the invisible object, Kecleon, like any other Pokemon in the game.