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Pokémon GO Larvitar Community Day Classic – Dates, Featured Pokémon, Wild Encounters & More

Here, we have all the details you need to know to enjoy the upcoming Community Day Classic for Larvitar
Pokémon GO Larvitar Community Day Classic – Dates, Featured Pokémon, Wild Encounters & More

Community Days in Pokemon GO are absolute staples for players who are dedicated to the game. These were the game's first events, and Community Days offered players more opportunities to catch many Pokemon. They are also a chance for Pokemon GO players to meet and play the game together.

This should be no different for the upcoming Larvitar Community Day Classic. Larvitar was previously featured in a Community Day, and it is back for players who missed out on it. Here, we will go over the details of the upcoming Community Day so you can plan ahead on how you would like to participate.

21st January 2023 Update: The Larvitar Community Day Classic has begun in Pokémon GO as all the in-game activities, including the Special research tasks and rewards, are available for Trainers to participate in. The original article continues below.

When Does The Larvitar Community Day Classic Start?

Pokemon GO Larvitar Community Day
The latest Community Day for Pokemon GO will feature Larvitar. (Picture: Niantic)

With the announcement of the Larvitar Community Day Classic, we now have the details of when it starts for players worldwide. If you want to participate in the Larvitar Community Day, you will have to wait until January 21, 2023.

Although it is called a Community Day, this event does not actually last all day. There are only a few hours out of this day that you can participate in the Larvitar Community Day. The Community Day for Larvitar starts at 2 pm local time and ends at 5 pm local time. Once it is past 5 pm local time, the Community Day is over, and it will be back to regular business in Pokemon GO.

What Are The Featured Pokemon And Wild Encounters For The Larvitar Community Day Classic?

Pokemon GO Larvitar
Larvitar will be the only Pokemon that will have its spawn rate heightened during the upcoming Community Day. (Picture: Niantic)

As you might have guessed, Larvitar is the featured Pokemon for the upcoming Community Day. While playing Pokemon GO during Community Day, there will be an abundance of Larvitar that you can catch for yourself. You might want to take advantage of it as you will also have higher odds of catching a Shiny Larvitar.

If you evolve Larvitar that you caught from the Community Day all the way up to a Tyranitar, that Tyranitar will have the Fast Attack, Smack Down. On top of that, players will receive three (3) times the normal XP for catching Pokemon, and Lure Modules activated during this Community Day will last for 3 hours as well.