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Can Larvitar Be Shiny In Pokémon GO? – Community Day Classic

If you want to know if it is possible to get yourself a shiny Larvitar during its Community Day in Pokemon GO, we have the answer right here.
Can Larvitar Be Shiny In Pokémon GO? – Community Day Classic

When it comes to the many different events in Pokemon GO, Community Days are the absolute classic for the players. Community Days are when certain Pokemon are featured to appear more often, and it gives players the opportunity to catch an abundance of that Pokemon so they can evolve it very quickly.

A Community Day Classic is coming as Larvitar is the featured Pokemon in the upcoming Community Day. Players who missed a previous Larvitar day will now have the opportunity to participate in the upcoming Community Day. But that does beg the question, can Larvitar be shiny during its Classic Community Day in Pokemon GO?

21st January 2023 Update: The Larvitar Community Day Classic has begun in Pokémon GO as all the in-game activities, including the Special research tasks and rewards, are available for Trainers to participate in. The original article continues below.

Will There Be Shiny Larvitar In Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO shiny Larvitar
The featured Pokemon you will be able to catch during the Larvitar Community Day is Larvitar. (Picture: Niantic)

On Community Days, there will be plenty of Larvitar for you to catch. There will be so many that you will be able to evolve your Larvitar into a Tyranitar quite easily. But is there opportunities to get yourself a shiny Larvitar for your collection?

If that is the question you are asking, Niantic has confirmed that you will be able to catch shiny Larvitar during its Classic Community Day. That means when Community Day hits, it is time for you to hunt for as many Larvitars as you can to hope that you can get yourself a shiny Larvitar for your collection of Pokemon.

How Do I Catch A Shiny Larvitar During Its Classic Community Day?

Pokemon GO Shiny Larvitar
You can easily evolve your Larvitar into a Tyranitar thanks to the upcoming Community Day. (Picture: Niantic)

Catching a Shiny Larvitar will take a lot of perseverance in Pokemon GO. The reason is that although you have increased odds of catching a shiny Larvitar in Pokemon GO, it is still random at the end of the day whether you catch on or not. With that being said, the classic method to catching yourself a shiny Larvitar is by encountering as many wild Larvitar as you can. Through encountering a massive number of Larvitar, one of them should eventually be the shiny variation you are looking for.

You can also complete Field Research Tasks during Community Day as well. One of the rewards that you will get for completing Field Research Tasks is you will encounter a Larvitar with a chance of it being a shiny variation. To maximize your chances of getting a shiny Larvitar, we suggest you also tackle the Field Research Tasks.