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Can Mega Aerodactyl Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Here, we will discuss if it is possible to get yourself a shiny Aerodactyl in Pokemon GO.
Can Mega Aerodactyl Be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

One of the most exciting things to do in Pokemon GO is taking on big raid Pokemon. Raid Pokemon is a challenge to take down and on top of that, the Pokemon you will get are often much more powerful than the Pokemon you can catch in the wild. So doing raids is well worth your time in this game.

Thanks to the new Crackling Voltage event in Pokemon GO, new Mega Raids are coming to Pokemon GO. One of the upcoming Mega Raids that is coming to the game is Mega Aerodactyl. Players are excited to get their hands on this Pokemon and they are once again asking the question, can you get a shiny Mega Aerodactyl from the raids?

Is Shiny Mega Aerodactyl In Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO Shiny Mega Aerodactyl
Mega Aerodactyl is part of the upcoming Crackling Voltage event. (Picture: Niantic)

Like all events in Pokemon GO, players can get a sneak peek at what is coming in the near future. The Crackling Voltage event will feature many Electric-type Pokemon, so it is a bit shocking that Mega Aerodactyl is featured for this event's Mega Raids. Nevertheless, it is a great opportunity to catch this Pokemon.

And in case you are still wondering, yes, shiny Mega Aerodactyl is available in Pokemon GO. But there is something that you need to remember while you are hunting for this Pokemon. When you initially battle Mega Aerodactyl during a Mega Raid, you will not be able to know if it is shiny or not until you defeat it and are trying to actively catch it. So you have to be prepared to take down a Mega Aerodactyl during a raid first.

When Can I Get Shiny Mega Aerodactyl In Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO Shiny Mega Aerodactyl
Players will need to hunt down Mega Raids to get themself a shiny Mega Aerodactyl. (Picture: Niantic)

Shiny hunters in Pokemon GO are all keenly aware that featured shiny Pokemon tend to go away quickly, so it is important to know when they are available. Shiny Mega Aerodactyl will be available during the Crackling Voltage event which starts on January 27, 2023. But there is a bit of a catch here.

Shiny Mega Aerodactyl will actually start appearing in Pokemon GO on January 25, 2023. That gives players who are interested in getting this Pokemon a bit of a head start to catch a shiny version of this Pokemon. But just remember that this raid ends on February 1, 2023, at 10 am local time. Once that time hits, you cannot catch shiny Mega Aerodactyl anymore.