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Can Mega Garchomp Be Shiny In Pokemon GO

Mega Garchomp is finally coming to Pokemon GO and we will tell you exactly if this special Pokemon has a shiny form available.
Can Mega Garchomp Be Shiny In Pokemon GO

Yes, Mega Garchomp can be shiny in Pokemon GO. Mega Garchomp is one of the most iconic Pokemon in the series due to how powerful it has always been. Now, it is finally making its way to Pokemon GO. This is a Pokemon with a lot of eyes on it, so players want to get the shiny form of this particular Pokemon.

Best Time To Catch Shiny Mega Garchomp In Pokemon GO

Shiny Mega Garchomp Pokemon GO
Shiny Mega Garchomp is finally making its debut in Pokemon GO. (Picture: Niantic)

Mega Garchomp has been a highly requested Pokemon for Pokemon GO. This particular Pokemon has not made an appearance in the game yet, but soon, it will finally arrive. The event is going to be called Mega Garchomp Raid Day, where everyone will have the opportunity to take on the Mega Raid for this Pokemon.

Since this is going to be an event raid, there is actually not a lot of time to get Shiny Mega Garchomp. The event day will run from November 11 at 2 pm local time until 5 pm local time that same day. That is only a few short hours to get a Shiny Mega Garchomp. Players will have to work together to beat as many Mega Raids as possible.

How To Catch Shiny Mega Garchomp In Pokemon GO

Shiny Mega Garchomp Pokemon GO.
Mega Garchomp has one glaring weakness players can exploit. (Picture: Niantic)

Now, catching Shiny Mega Garchomp might be a problem for some players. The truth of the matter is that players will have to actually make their way to the Mega Raids for a chance to get this special Pokemon. Mega Raids are difficult and will require a good number of other players for anyone to be successful.

We highly recommend using Ice-Type Pokemon for the Mega Garchomp Raids. Garchomp is 4x weak to Ice-Type attacks, so this is the best way to take it down. Once the raid is complete, players will be able to see if they will get a Shiny Mega Garchomp. If not, the process needs to be repeated until one is finally obtained.