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Pokémon GO Party Play: What Are Party Challenges

Embark on newfound adventures and form friendships in a Party session by completing Party Challenges in Pokémon GO's Party Play
Pokémon GO Party Play: What Are Party Challenges
(Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

Developer Niantic has released their new in-game cooperative mode, Party Play, which has been a long-requested feature by Trainers. Once they’ve set up a Party session or joined one, they have one of many activities to participate in, including the Party Challenges.

Like Field Research tasks, these challenges will test every Trainer’s skills as they band together to complete each challenge and earn rewards. This eventful guide explains what Party Challenges are, how to join, and more for Pokémon GO’s Party Play mode.

Pokémon GO Party Challenges Explained

pokemon go gameplay guide party play explained joining creating party numerical code qr code
Trainers can either join or create a PArty session in-game from their Trainer profile. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

After updating the game to have access to the Party Play feature, Trainers can either create a Party by sharing a numerical or QR code or join by receiving either code. Once the Trainers have banded together in a Party, there are plenty of activities to discover and enjoy, as playing together is always best.

Some of these challenges include the Challenge Raid Battles and Party Challenges, which the latter Trainers can embark on when joining or creating a Party. Once starting a Party, Trainers will have the option to pick a challenge they wish to complete from a predetermined list available.

These challenges can present multiple opportunities for the Party to play together and explore their surroundings but may pose a challenge if their environments are limited. After the Party has agreed to the challenges they wish to participate in, they can start working together to finish every challenge they’ve selected.

pokemon go gameplay guide party play explained party challenges
The Party can choose a Party CHallenge to complete before the host selects the next challenge. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

These challenges can range from catching a specific elemental-type Pokémon, spinning Photo Discs or PokéStops, or winning Raids. When completing these challenges, they can utilize a handful of features and tools, like viewing ongoing progress in the current Party session from their Party Trainer’s avatar on the Map View and tapping the Party Play button.

But, if they wish to view their progress during a Party session, head to the Party tab, and they can view their Challenge progress. Each challenge Trainers complete will come with unique rewards, varying from Berries, Poké Balls, and more, which can help them in other Party Challenges or solo activities.

After completing a Party Challenge, the Party Host receives an in-game notification where they can choose the following challenge. Trainers will then have the option to join the next Party Challenge until the session expires or leave to move on to their next adventures but don’t forget to share the post-party highlights using the hashtags #GOPartyPlay and #GOStartTheParty, which includes a visual recap and an image with the Party online.