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Pokémon GO Postcards: How To Use & Reset Times

Here, we are going to go over everything you need to know about Postcarts in Pokémon GO.
Pokémon GO Postcards: How To Use & Reset Times

Pokemon GO now has the ability to connect with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. This new update is massive and it brings a lot of new content to both games. For example, Roaming Gimmighoul is now available for players to catch in Pokemon GO. This is big as this was one of the promises Nintendo made in trailers for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

There are also a lot of new items for players to interact with as well. From Gimmighoul Coins to postcards, there are a lot of things for players to explore and understand. Postcards can be confusing to understand what they are used for. Here, we are going to go over everything you need to know about postcards in Pokemon GO.

How Do I Use Postcards In Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO Postcards
A lot of new features have been added to Pokemon GO. (Picture: Niantic)

Pokemon GO is all about exploring the outside world to discover Pokemon. While you are outside, you will go to PokeStops, which are often landmarks that are in your area. These postcards tell the player exactly where they got the postcard from in Pokemon GO. Postcards that you collect can be pinned into the Postcard Book in Pokemon GO.

To use them, players need to connect to Pokemon Scarlet or Violet. When players are connected to either Switch game, Pokemon GO players can send the postcards over. What this does is it allows Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players to catch a Vivillon from the respective region of the postcard. On the Pokemon GO side, players will be able to catch Roaming Gimmighoul and they will get themselves a Golden Lure Module as well.

Pokemon GO Reset Times

Pokemon GO Postcards
Pokemon GO players will encounter a lot of Gimmighoul thanks to postcards. (Picture: Niantic)

Unfortunately for players, there is a limit to how often players can send postcards to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Players can only send over a postcard once per day. So it might take some time for players to collect all the Vivillon variants, and on the Pokemon GO side, it will take a while to get 999 Gimmighoul Coins.

It is currently unknown why there is a limitation to sending over postcards once per day. But either way, players can now plan around it and work with what they got. We suggest that players send over postcards of locations that are more difficult to visit first to get a rare Vivillon pattern first.