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What Are Rocket & Super Rocket Radars In Pokémon GO

With the upcoming Team GO Rocket Takeover event starting soon, what are Rocket and Super Rocket Radars Trainers in Pokémon GO?
What Are Rocket & Super Rocket Radars In Pokémon GO

In the midst of an electrifying event, Crackling Voltage, the danger is hovering nearby as darkly colored air balloons are seen in the distance. This marks the arrival of Team GO Rocket as Giovanni, his Leaders Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra, and their Grunts will be taking over PokéStops and causing havoc for Trainers globally.

However, tracking them down requires special items that can help you find their “hideouts” by equipping Rocket and Super Rocket Radars on the map. Here’s everything about Rocket and Super Rocket Radars and how to acquire them in Pokémon GO.

What Is A Rocket Radar In Pokémon GO?

A standard Rocket Radar is an item Trainers can use to track down members of Team GO Rocket, excluding their Boss, Giovanni. As there are two types of Rocket Radars, the other being the Super Rocket, acquiring them will have you come face-to-face with Team GO Rocket.

pokemon go items guide rocket super rocket radar team go rocket grunts
To acquire a Mysterious Component to assemble a Rocket Radar, you'll need to defeat the Team GO Rocket Grunts. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

However, it’s not as straightforward as it might seem, as you’ll need to get six Mysterious Components which can be earned by defeating Team GO Rocket Grunts. Assemble the pieces, and you’ll have one Rocket Radar, which can be activated immediately to identify their “hideouts.” After doing this, you can interact with their Leaders, Arlo, Cliff, and Sierra.

Another way of getting a Rocket Radar is by purchasing them via the in-game Shop using PokéCoins. You can find them within your Bag; however, if you have another Rocket Radar in your possession or maxed out your Bag storage capacity, you won’t be able to collect Mysterious Components.

What Is A Super Rocket Radar In Pokémon GO?

As mentioned before, a Super Rocket Radar is another type of Rocket Radar item, but this can be used to track down Team GO Rocket Boss Giovanni. However, activating a Super Rocket Radar could be tricky as his hideouts could be occupied by Team GO Rocket Grunts, which could distract Trainers.

pokemon go items guide rocket super rocket radar team go rocket boss giovanni special research
You can get a Super Rocket Radar by completing the Team GO Rocket Takeover event's Special Research story and tracking down Giovanni. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

The only way you can obtain a Super Rocket Radar is by completing the Special Research story, which has a specific set of tasks needed to be completed. This can only occur during a Team GO Rocket Takeover event; however, in all cases, defeating Team GO Rocket Grunts, Leaders, and their Boss, they’ll leave behind Shadow Pokémon.

These Pokémon needed to be purified using Stardust and Candy and a Charged Technical Machine (TM) to make the Shadow Pokémon forget the Frustration Charged Attack. The next Team GO Rocket Takeover event is slated to occur on 1st February 2023 at 12 am local time, which will run until 5th February 2023 at 11: 59 pm local time, with a Special Research story available at the start of the event.