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Pokémon GO Twinkling Fantasy – All Field Research Tasks & Rewards

Complete the Pokémon GO Twinkling Fantasy Field Research tasks to earn encounters with a Shiny Dedenne and other Fairy-type monsters.
Pokémon GO Twinkling Fantasy – All Field Research Tasks & Rewards

The Season of Mythical Wishes continues to grant Trainers their most magical wishes long after the spectacular Winter Holiday events. Their next in-game event, Twinkling Fantasy, will be centered on Dragon and Fairy-type Pokémon with debuts of Mega Salamence and Shiny Dedenne to add to the wonder of the event.

There are various in-game activities to encounter different Pokémon with a themed-exclusive Field Research to launch alongside the event. Here's a look at the Field Research tasks and their rewards to earn for Pokémon GO's Twinkling Fantasy event.

All Pokémon GO Twinkling Fantasy Field Research Tasks & Rewards

pokemon go events guide twinkling fantasy field research
Trainers can access the Field Research tasks for the Twinkling Fantasy event at the start. (Picture: Niantic / The Pokémon Company)

The upcoming Twinkling Fantasy event will see in-game debuts of Mega Salamence with its Shiny form and Shiny Dedenne to Pokémon GO. With other in-game activities to participate in, including Raid battles and a themed Collection Challenge, event-exclusive Field research will be made available at the event's start.

Thanks to information supplied by notable source Leek Duck, you can find the complete list of all Field Research tasks for the Twinkling Fantasy event. Additionally, we've included the awesome Pokémon you'll claim when completing each of them below with a chance of encountering a Shiny variant*:

  • Catch five Pokémon: Dedenne* Encounter
  • Catch five Fairy‑type Pokémon: Bagon* Encounter
  • Catch 30 Pokémon: Goomy Encounter
  • Make three Nice Throws: Dratini* Encounter
  • Make three Great Throws: Clefairy* Encounter
  • Win three Raids: Goomy Encounter

To obtain the Field Research tasks, you can spin any PokéStop to collect them during the event and complete them to earn rewards. You can find them by tapping the binoculars icon on the screen and viewing all the event's Field Research, checking its progress, and collecting the rewards.

pokemon go events guide twinkling fantasy field research tasks rewards shiny dedenne encounter
Complete one of the event's Field Research tasks to be awarded an encounter with Dedenne. (Picture: Twitter / Pokémon GO)

As shown above, most of the Pokémon available for completing these tasks will appear in their Shiny forms, including the debuting Shiny Dedenne, however, it does exclude Goomy. So be sure to complete all the tasks to improve your chances of getting a rare Shiny Pokémon variant.

The Pokémon that are received via encounters from completing the Field Research tasks can also be encountered in wild and Raid encounters. This includes Bagon, Clefairy, Dratini, and Goomy, with Dedenne appearing in the wild and three-star Raid battles.

As mentioned earlier, a Collection Challenge will be provided to all Trainers participating in the Twinkling Fantasy event. Completing this limited-time activity can reward you with a Charged Technical Machine (TM), a Fast Technical Machine (TM), and 50 Salamence Mega Energy.