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Best Locations To Catch High-Level Pokemon In Scarlet And Violet

Here is a list of locations where you can go to catch high-level Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet.
Best Locations To Catch High-Level Pokemon In Scarlet And Violet

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has been out for a while now and players are paying more attention to this game than before. With the DLC releasing, there are many people who are picking up Scarlet and Violet for the first time. There are many who are interested in playing Pokemon in their own way.

Some like completing their Pokedex while others like to take on powerful Tera Raid battles. Either way, players are going to need some high-level Pokemon later down the line. Yes, you can raise your Pokemon to be higher level but there are actually a few areas in Scarlet and Violet where you can catch high-level Pokemon. Here, we will tell you where you need to go to find high-level Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet.

High-Level Pokemon Areas Scarlet And Violet
Area Zero is filled with powerful Paradox Pokemon. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company)

Area Zero

For those who are unaware, Area Zero is the final area of the game. This is the last place you will go in the main story of the game and there are a lot of strong Pokemon here. This is the area where you will find all Paradox Pokemon if you are interested in catching them. Area Zero will have Pokemon ranging from level 55-59, so be prepared for some tough battles if you want to catch them.

Casseroya Lake

Casseroya Lake is another area that is absolutely fantastic for catching high-level Pokemon. This area is filled to the brim with Pokemon that are very powerful. The levels of the Pokemon here are around 50-55, and there is a large variety of Pokemon you can catch here as well. If you want to catch Dratini, Hawlucha, Dondonzo, or even Dragonite, Casseroya Lake is the location that you will want ot go to.

North Province Area Two

High-Level Pokemon Scarlet And Violet
Some high-level Pokemon are difficult to find in Scarlet and Violet. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company)

North Province Area Two is another great place to catch high-level Pokemon. Most of the Pokemon you will find here are either partially or fully evolved, so there are a lot of choices in this area. Honchcrow, Slaking, Revavroom, and Noivern are some of the Pokemon that you can find here. You can even find Zweilous which will soon evolve into the much-desired Hydrigon in this area. Not only that, but you can also find Leader Bisharp pretty easily here which will be needed if you want to evolve your Bisharp into a Kingambit. Most guides would suggest you evolve your Bisharp here.