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Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: How Does Level Scaling Work In The Teal Mask

The Teal Mask DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has level scaling and we explain how it works here.
Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: How Does Level Scaling Work In The Teal Mask
Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

It's been quite a bit of time since the launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet and the first DLC drop for Scarlet and Violet has arrived, named The Teal Mask. In this DLC, there are a couple of new Pokemon that were introduced alongside some returning Pokemon from previous games.

Players can go on a new storyline adventure that will take players through the Kitakami region. Players can battle a variety of characters in The Teal Mask while participating in the new storyline. But this begs the question, is there level scaling in The Teal Mask DLC for Scarlet and Violet? Here, we will go over that question.

Level Scaling In The Teal Mask Explained

Teal Mask Level Scaling
Some players are choosing to make an entirely new team for The Teal Mask DLC in Scarlet and Violet. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company)

Although it's been nearly a year since the launch of Scarlet and Violet, the Teal Mask DLC seems very accommodating for anyone who wants to play. The Teal Mask DLC can be accessed very early in the original Scarlet and Violet story. Players can be as low as level 10 and will be invited to Kitakami and the DLC storyline.

To put it simply, The Teal Mask DLC content will adjust its level depending on how far players have progressed in Scarlet and Violet. Wild Pokemon can be as low as level 10 or as high as level 75 depending on how far players have made it through the main story. So yes, there is level scaling for The Teal Mask DLC.

Is There A Level Cap For The Teal Mask DLC?

Teal Mask Level Scaling
The Teal Mask DLC will adjust the difficulty depending on the base Scarlet and Violet progression. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company)

As previously stated, there is indeed level scaling for The Teal Mask. Some of it may look silly as trainers are sending out level 60+ Ekans instead of an Arbok, but the level scaling does exist. In Kitakami, there are also going to be some regions that have higher-level Pokemon and trainers compared to the earlier areas.

But there does seem to be a limit. Even if the Pokemon in a player's possession is level 100, it seems like the level cap for The Teal Mask is around level 75. This is probably based on if players have completed the final battles in Scarlet and Violet and around what levels the player should be if they accomplished that.