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How To Find The Rich Couple In The Teal Mask DLC For Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

There is a Rich Couple in The Teal Mask DLC and if found, players could be rewarded with upward to 1 Million Pokedollars.
How To Find The Rich Couple In The Teal Mask DLC For Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

There is a lot of new content for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet thanks to the Teal Mask DLC that was dropped. In that DLC, there are new Pokemon that players were on the lookout for. One of the most promoted Pokemon for The Teal Mask was Dipplin, an alternate evolution for Applin. There are also a couple of other Pokemon that were introduced as well.

On top of the new Pokemon that were introduced, there are also a lot of different side quests that players can undertake on top of the new storyline. In these sidequests, players will get a number of useful rewards that will help them build a good team. Here, we are going to talk about how to find another side quest that features the Rich Couple in The Teal Mask.

How To Find The Rich Couple In Scarlet And Violet

Scarlet and Violet Rich Couple
The rich couple will travel all over multiple maps in Scarlet and Violet. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company/100% Guides on YouTube)

Finding The Rich Couple in The Teal Mask will take you all over the world in Scarlet and Violet. Players will initially find The Rich Couple, Billy and O'Nare, in Kitakami. From there, the rich couple will travel between Kitakami and Paldea in rather remote locations. So finding them could be tough. Here is where players can find the rich couple in order in Scarlet and Violet:

  1. Bottom Of Apple Hills overlooking Kitakami Road (Kitakami)
  2. North Province Area 2, Fury Falls (Paldea)
  3. South Province Area 5, under a tree on top of a cliff (Paldea)
  4. Apple Hills (Kitakami)
  5. Casseroya Lake, on an island on the lake (Paldea)
  6. Glasseo Mountain on the northern end (Paldea)
  7. On a Southern Mountain overlooking Area Zero (Paldea)

One thing that players should note is that the rich couple is almost always looking at some sort of natural landmark. They are easy enough to spot if you are in the right area as well. They have golden robes and they will have a yellow textbox over their heads too. It might take a bit of exploring but it is worth finding the rich couple.

How To Get 1 Million Pokedollars From The Rich Couple In Scarlet And Violet

Teal Mask Rich Couple 1 Million Pokedollars Nemona's Parents
There are ways to earn even more money from the rich couple in The Teal Mask DLC. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company/100% Guides on YouTube)

One of the main reasons why players will want to find the rich couple is due to how much money they give players. If done correctly, players could end up with nearly 1 million Pokedollars. Every time players find the rich couple, they will reward them with some expensive items. Below are the rewards players can expect for finding the rich couple:

  1. 17,420 Pokedollars for defeating O'Nare
  2. 15x Big Pearl
  3. 15x Nugget
  4. 17,420 Pokedollars for Defeating O'Nare
  5. 10x Pearl String
  6. 10x Big Nugget
  7. 35,052 for defeating O'Nare, Glitterati Case, Oh No Emote, 25x Big Pearl

One thing that players should do is have an Amulet Coin and to Hisuian Zoroark. Then use Happy Hour that Hisuian Zoroark should have. Then use Memento to switch to Gholdengo. Once that is done, use Make it Rain with Gholdengo. This will give you the maximum amount of money possible from the rich couple which should lead to 1 million Pokedollars earned.