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How To Play Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Early

If you want to play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet early, we have a guide that will help you do that.
How To Play Pokemon Scarlet & Violet Early

With the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet reviews coming out, it is a sign and indication that it is almost time for the game to be released. The game has been hyped for over a year, and a new Pokemon Adventure is finally here.

For many players, pre-loading Scarlet and Violet is the way to play the game as soon as possible. But for others, that is not fast enough. It is possible to play Scarlet and Violet right now, and we are here to teach you how to do that.

How Can I Play Scarlet And Violet Right Now?

The truth of the matter is that there are players in certain regions around the world that already have their hands on Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. They did not do anything special other than the fact that they live in a different area where the days come sooner.

For example, Australian Nintendo Switch owners can play Pokemon Scarlet and Violet right now. But most people in the United States will have to wait a day to play the new Pokemon games.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
As of this writing, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is available in Australia but not available in the United States. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

Thankfully, there is a way around this. The Nintendo Switch is actually a region-free console. What this means is that no matter where you buy your Switch from, you can set your region to anywhere in the world. That means that American Switch owners can set themselves up with a Japanese, Australian, or European account to play the new Pokemon games early.

How Do I Switch My Region On My Nintendo Switch?

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet
Setting up your Nintendo Switch with a foreign account is the best way to play the new Pokemon games early. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

The first thing you need is a new email account. Create a new email account and start making a new Nintendo Switch account. While making the new account, you need to set your country/region of residence to a different country of your choice. For most English speakers, setting the country of residence to Australia would work best.

Once you have done that, you just fill in the rest of the information like normal and you should be good to go. That account will allow you to purchase games released in Australia, including Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. But there is a catch with all of this. You will need to purchase the game using currency from that region. So you will need Australian Dollars to buy games from the Australian eShop.

There are ways to buy Australian eShop cards online, which can help. It is also possible to use PayPal, but users have reported issues with this method. Another way is to set up an Australian Bank account as well.

Featured image courtesy of Nintendo / The Pokémon Company.