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How To Get Klawf Stick In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

If you are struggling to find Klawf Sticks in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we have the solution you are looking for.
How To Get Klawf Stick In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

Launched in November 2022, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet brought a host of new Pokemon to the beloved franchise. With the release of a new DLC a year later, players are now revisiting these titles to explore fresh content. From discovering new Pokemon to managing various items, the game offers diverse experiences.

In preparation for the DLC, many players are striving to capture high-level Pokemon. To make this process easier, certain ingredients, like the Klawf Stick, are essential. This guide aims to help you find Klawf Sticks in Scarlet and Violet.

How To Find Klawf Sticks In Scarlet And Violet

Klawf Stick Scarlet and Violet
It is possible to find Klawf Sticks to use as a sandwich ingredient in Scarlet and Violet. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company)

For those unaware, Klawf Sticks is a cooking ingredient in Scarlet and Violet. You will use the various ingredients you collect in the game to have picnics and make sandwiches. But the burning question is how to find it.

Although you might think it is possible, you cannot find Klawf Sticks by catching wild Klawf. Instead, you can buy them at the Aquiesta Supermarket in Levincia. This is the town where the Electric-type Gym Leader, Iono, is. The problem is that you need eight gym badges before buying Klawf Sticks. You can buy them for 500 Pokedollars each, which is not too expensive.

How To Use Klawf Sticks In Scarlet And Violet

Scarlet and Violet Klawf Sticks
Battling Klawfs to get Klawf Sticks will not work. (Picture: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company)

As we previously mentioned, you will want to use Klawf Sticks as an ingredient for making sandwiches in Scarlet and Violet. To use them, you need to start a picnic and make sandwiches by interacting with the picnic basket. There are a couple of different sandwiches that you can make that require Klawf Sticks.

Most of the sandwiches that use Klawf Sticks are called Klawf Claw Sandwiches. The most common Sandwich Power you will get is Encounter Power, which will increase your odds of finding Pokemon of that type. You will also get some Catching Powers and Item Drop powers as well. This makes Klawf Sticks an overall useful ingredient if you are hunting for specific Pokemon.