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Twitch Rivals Rift Series Spirit Blossom: Schedule, format, teams, and how to watch

A special one of a kind competition featuring League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra will begin on the 15th July.
Riot Games has continuously expanded over the years since the release of the iconic League of Legends back in 2009.

Now boasting games in the auto battler and card game genres (Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra respectively), Twitch has put together a special event to commemorate the release of the Spirit Blossom line of skins for LoL including all three titles.



Here's everything you need to know about Twitch Rivals Rift Series: Spirit Blossom.


Twitch Rivals Rift Series: Spirit Blossom Schedule

The tournament will be played across four days involving three games. The activities will kick off on the 15th of July for both Europe and North America with Legends of Runeterra, followed the next day by Teamfight Tactics, with League of Legends taking the center stage on both the 22nd and 23th. 

Here's the full breakdown:

  • July 15 (Legends of Runeterra): 7:00 pm GMT (EU) and 10:00 pm GMT (NA)
  • July 16 (Teamfight Tactics): 7:00 pm GMT (EU) and 10:00 pm GMT (NA)
  • July 22 and 23 Days (League of Legends): 6:00 pm GMT (EU) and 10:00 pm (NA)


Twitch Rivals Rift Series: Spirit Blossom Format

Juggling three different games comes with the fact that each one will have a specific set of rules. What is true for every team involved in the competition, is that all of the members must participate in at least two of the titles.

Here are the rulesets per game:

Legends of Runeterra format

  • Teams are split into five blocks.
    • Each block is split into two groups of four. 
  • The format is best-of-three Conquest with ban via Round Robin.
  • The top two players of both groups in a block advance to the top-four bracket.
    • The top-four bracket is Single Elimination best-of-three with ban Conquest format. 

Teamfight Tactics format

  • Teams are split into five lobbies with eight players in a lobby.
  • There are a total of four waves.
    • Following each wave the top three players will move up a lobby while the bottom three move down.
  • A total of eight players will advance to the final lobby.
    • Final lobby will award bonus points. 

League of Legends format

  • Captains will select five players to participate each day. 
  • The group stage will contain two groups, A and B, with four teams via each.
    • All Round Robin games in the group stage are best-of-one with Tournament Draft.
  • The top two teams will advance to the bracket stage
    • Playoff games are best-of-three single elimination.


Twitch Rivals Rift Series: Spirit Blossom Teams

A total of 16 teams across Europe and North America will participate, with eight captains from each region picking top streamers and players from the different games involved to compete in this crossover event.


North America Teams

Twitch Rivals Rift Series North American Teams Format schedule how to watch
(Picture: Twitch) 


The captains from NA that assembled the teams include BeccaTILTS, Emiru, K3soju, Scarra, Swimstrim, Trick2g, xChocoBars, and YourPrincess.


Europe Teams

Twitch Rivals Rift Series League of legends Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra
(Picture: Twitch)


The team captains for Europe are BlackFireIce, GeneraL_HS_, Ibai Llanos, Noway4u_sir, Overpow, Shaunzpro, SolaryTV, and Sologesangtv.


How to watch Twitch Rivals Rift Series: Spirit Blossom

The main stream to watch the competition with commentary will be the Twitch Rivals official channel, but it's more than likely every streamer will be live during the tournament showing their personal POV's.

We have embedded the official stream below for your convenience.