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PS5 CE-117722-0 Error Code: Solutions and how to fix

Solution how to fix PlayStation 5 CE-117722-0 Error Code problem.
PS5 CE-117722-0 Error Code: Solutions and how to fix

If your PlayStation 5 is showing CE-117722-0 Error Code, this means that for some reason your PS5 is unable to connect to the PlayStation Now streaming service.

In order to use PlayStation Now without problems, make sure that your streaming connection works properly.

How to fix PS5 CE-117722-0 Error Code
(Picture: Sony)

How to fix PS5 CE-117722-0 Error Code

  • Perform the internet connection test on PS Now and see if it works.
  • PS Now internet connection test should show you if your internet connection is suitable for streaming games. If not, you can not use the streaming service.
  • Restart your PlayStation 5.
  • If possible, connect to the internet using a wired connection and configure the network settings again.
  • If using a wireless connection, try to bring your PS5 closer to your router or remove anything that could possibly interrupt the connection between the devices. 
  • Turn off your router and modem, wait for around ~10 minutes, then restart it.
  • Update the firmware of your router. For more information about this, you should contact your router vendor.
  • If the game you want to play can be downloaded, you should try downloading it instead of streaming.
  • Before download, check if there is enough free space on the PS5.

If none of the above-listed solutions fixes your problem, it is possible that the server is temporarily busy or there is maintenance going on. Try leaving it for some time and come back later.


For more information, visit the official PS Now website.