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News > Hardware > PS5

PS5 consoles won’t be available in stores at launch, Sony confirms

Sony has announced there’ll be no PlayStation 5 consoles available to purchase in-stores at launch, so don’t expect any midnight queues.

Sony has confirmed there’ll be no PlayStation 5 consoles available in-stores on launch day. 

While new console launches in the past usually see chaotic queues or rushes before Christmas, it seems this year’s release for the PS5 will be slightly different due to the pandemic. 

In a blog post, Sony announced there’ll be no PlayStation 5 units available to buy in-stores at launch on 12th November (or 19th November for places outside the US), in order to keep “our gamers, retailers, and staff safe amidst COVID-19”.

Instead all PS5 launch sales will be conducted through online stores, although it’s unclear when, or if, stores will have PS5 units for sale beyond launch day. 

Don't expect to find any PS5 consoles in stores at launch (Picture: Sony)

This won’t affect those who have pre-ordered to pick up from a local retailer, although they’re encouraged to check with their respective store for more details. 

With an overwhelming amount of pre-orders already for the PS5 console, it’s likely any extra units will be in short supply across online retailers. 

This follows Sony Japan recently confirming they similarly won’t sell PS5 in shops due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the UK, retailer GAME have already stated those who have pre-ordered the Xbox Series X/S will have to pre-purchase their console and collect it on launch day between 8am to 2pm - in light of the new lockdown rules being imposed across the country.