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All you need to know about Rainbow Six: Siege’s new “Golden Gun” gamemode

Ubisoft just dropped its first arcade mode and with it an exclusive Golden gun for the D-50 - learn how you can get your hands on it in our guide.
All you need to know about Rainbow Six: Siege’s new “Golden Gun” gamemode

Kicking off Year 5 Season 1 with a bang, Ubisoft has released its first-ever “Arcade” game mode, titled “Golden Gun”. This is the first in a series of limited-time modes coming to Rainbow Six in the next few seasons, with the frequency ramping up as the year goes on. 

The game mode is a tribute to the classic Goldeneye 007 game mode sharing its name, and so naturally, you must reload after every shot you fire.

Melee is still an option, and a surprisingly viable one at that, however, don’t be surprised if you get sniped from Oregon’s big tower while you try to go on a knifing spree. 


Here are the basics: Every operator has a unique golden Deagle and no other weaponry. Secondary gadgets are still available, as well as primary gadgets, however, the pace of the matches barely will let you breathe enough to utilize them.

It's One-shot kills with this Deagle, headshot and body shot alike, and naturally, this leads to an incredibly fast-paced experience. As previously stated, you have to reload after every shot you fire, with a snazzy new reload animation to boot. 

Thus far into the mode, 3-speeds seem to be the best picks overall due to their slender hitboxes and sheer manoeuvrability, with some area denial ops falling just behind thanks to their ability to calm the pace of this otherwise hectic ordeal. 

This game mode is live from 19th March until 23rd March for you to play it yourself, and the golden weapon skin, called Extravagance, will be available to unlock for the D-50 with either 12500 Renown or 360 R6 Credits.

However, you’ll need to be quick as it is only available during the Arcade game mode!