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Rainbow Six Siege
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Estral Esports permanently banned from R6 esports due to match throwing

Estral Esports, known for being one of the greatest representatives of the Latin American scene, made this serious fault during the last phase of the R6 Mexican Championship 2020.

Estral Esports, a competitive R6 squad created in May 2019, has been one of the most prominent R6 teams in the region of Latin America.

The org, which also competes in the League of Legends' LLA, has been a powerhouse within the LATAM R6 competitive scene, having won two Mexico Majors and almost qualifying for the R6 Invitational 2021 via Circuit Points Standings, and placing second in the Latin American Qualifier.

However, this team has been involved in a controversy in 2020, since during the last phase of the Mexican Championship, evidence and collected statements emerged related to a match throwing case.

This happened in the match between Estral Esports against Infinity Esports, where Estral was defeated with such a result that Mexico Esports Team (MeT) was forced to be in a relegation situation.

After the match, one of their main players, José "Fungi" Vidales, was investigated and sanctioned by Ubisoft for not competing to the maximum extent of his abilities during the said game.

Estral Esports permanently banned from R6
(Picture: Estral Esports)

Although this case had been closed, it was announced that Oscar "Toski" Sepúlveda, a player who joined Estral in May 2020, also incurred poaching, for which both the player and the team were investigated again, resulting in a stronger sanction for Estral Esports.

Today, the case came to a final conclusion, as Ubisoft announced via Reddit and through a press release that Estral Esports has been permanently banned from the R6 Esports Circuit for match throwing, as well as banning the organisation's board of directors and main managers to have any connections with any Rainbow Six Circuit competition in any capacity.

Also, Toski will be banned from any competitive Rainbow Six League for 9 months. As of the start of the 2021 season, he will not be able to participate in the competitive year 2021.

Finally, the current punishment presented to Fungi due to his involvement in the match throwing case will be maintained, while the other players who were part of Estral Esports will receive a competitive warning, which may be raised to an economic and competitive sanction in case of future breaches of the regulations.

Estral Esports permanently banned from R6(Picture: Ubisoft)

With just a month until the start of the Mexican Championship, and with the R6 Invitational 2021 postponed, it is unknown what will happen to the competitive scene of this Latin American country, now that many of its teams have decided to leave it, and its highest representative has been banned permanently.