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Everything revealed so far for R6 Extraction: Operators, maps, gadgets, and more

Ubisoft has revealed new details for R6 Extraction regarding its progression system, operators, and tools that will be at your disposal.
Everything revealed so far for R6 Extraction: Operators, maps, gadgets, and more

Through a new overview trailer published from their official YouTube channel, Ubisoft has revealed many details for Rainbow Six Extraction, the sequel to R6 Siege that will bring a PvE experience where players will have to face an otherworldly threat.

Although this new update was completely focused on the cooperative side, it has allowed us to know more in-depth details about its operators, gadgets, and its progression system.

Considering its delay to January 2022, there has been a lot of expectation to know more about this ambitious multiplayer, so here we will take a look at everything Ubisoft has revealed for R6 Extraction.

First operators confirmed for Rainbow Six Extraction release

To start with, Ubisoft has confirmed Rainbow Six Extraction will feature 18 operators available at release. Each character will have their own skillset, progression system, and a good level of customization.

Rainbow Six Extraction operators
All 18 Operators available in Rainbow Six Extraction at launch. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six Extraction will be playable both as a solo or in trios, so if you are in a group, you can create about 800 combinations of operators that could give you a bigger advantage on its various maps.

The preview has also shown some skills of the operators such as Hibana and her weapon capable of launching grenades that stick to the wall, Capitao's crossbow that helps maintain a better defence by creating smoke and Tachanka's LMG, one of the most well-known weapons for him in R6 Siege.

New maps, gadgets, and first look at the Archetypes

So far, four different scenarios have already been confirmed, which could be seen briefly during the trailer: San Francisco, New York, New Mexico and Alaska. A total of 12 maps will be available at release.

Rainbow Six Extraction Alaska map
First look at Alaska's map for R6 Extraction. (Picture: Ubisoft)

These locations, Ubisoft noted, are three times bigger than any map currently available in R6 Siege. In each one, you will find objectives to complete, new enemies and modifiers so that no game feels the same.

Speaking of objectives, at all times the game will warn you about certain secondary tasks you can complete to obtain intel related to the infection of the Archetypes, the alien threat that you must fight to stop during the game.

This will give you the opportunity to investigate nests, sabotage power sources, and capture rare specimens that will help you further decipher more details about this alien force.

Rainbow Six Extraction Archetypes
Once an ally goes MIA, you must save them from the Archetypes and decontaminate them. (Picture: Ubisoft)

On the other hand, a lot of emphases was placed on when an ally falls before the enemies. If this happens, the player will go into an "MIA" (Missing in Action) state and will force his teammates to return to the contamination zone in order to rescue him.

But beware, if you were captured, you will be wrapped in a cloak of the Archetypes and you will only be able to return to normal when one of your allies puts you in a decontamination chamber.

So far, 13 types of Archetypes have been mentioned, which will have better dexterity and random mutations. As you progress through the game, you will face much more powerful enemies such as the "Proteins", a type of alien that has copied the appearance and abilities of certain operators but with a much more devastating force.

Rainbow Six Extraction gadgets
Some of the gadgets you will have at your disposal in R6 Extraction. (Picture: Ubisoft)

To deal with these ferocious enemies, you will have 25 gadgets available such as a grenade called "Field Wall" that can eliminate nearby enemies, the "Glue Grenade" that will help slow the movement of the Archetypes, and the "React Laser", capable of destroying contaminated soil and moving forward calmly.

R6 Extraction progression system and post-launch content

Ubisoft has put a lot of emphasis on the progression system in Rainbow Six Extraction, which will allow you to complete objectives and extract your progress at a certain point in the game, before entering a new area.

Rainbow Six Extraction progression system
Complete objectives to improve your Operator and progress through the game. (Picture: Ubisoft)

Otherwise, you can continue to face the Archetypes to get better rewards. Of course, if you fall, your progress will go with you, so the right decision will be yours alone.

Completing side missions will allow you to improve your operator's equipment and increase his abilities. The points you generate will help you unlock new agents, maps, cosmetics and data about the lore around the game.

Finally, the company confirmed that there will be free post-launch content where it will be included: live events, new operators, exclusive rewards and a competitive mode.

And this is all we have to share here, for now, so we will have to wait a bit before Ubisoft gives us a new update.

Rainbow Six Extraction is scheduled to release in January 2022 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PC.

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