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Rainbow Six Siege
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Rainbow Six pro Next1 passes away at age 24, after battle with COVID

The young German player was part of Chaos Esports Club, where he got to win the 2020 Nordic Championship.
The competitive scene of Rainbow Six: Siege is in mourning, after the tragic death of Arif "Next1" Keskin, a 24-year-old German player, was revealed after being hospitalized for several weeks in a tough battle against COVID.

According to the tweets published by the player, Arif was under observation since the middle of April, having presented a picture of serious symptoms, where he also took the opportunity to thank his fans for their support and words of encouragement.

Rainbow Six pro Next1 passes away at age 24, after battle with COVID(Picture: Twitter)

This was the last message the player would share with the world since just over a month later, Fatih “CCcaaNaVaR” Yavuz, player for PENTA, confirmed Next1's passing with an emotional message on his personal Twitter account.

Next1's fans, friends, and people from the R6 community are showing their appreciation to the young player, who had his promising career cut short because of this pandemic.

Arif "Next1" Keskin played for many teams on the European scene throughout his competitive career, taking a great step through the semi-professional circuits and reaching the top by winning the Benelux League Season 5 as part of LowLandLions, and the 2020 Nordic Championship with Chaos Esports Club.