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Rainbow Six Siege
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Rainbow Six Siege: Around the World Battle Pass - Everything you need to know

The ‘Around the World’ battle pass is here, with a free track and a paid premium one - find out how to get your hands on all the unlocks here!
Rainbow Six’s new Around The World Battle Pass is finally here with a whole slew of new cosmetics, renown boosters, alpha packs, and R6 credit rewards to boot to earn.

The pass has two tracks you can go down. There’s the free battle pass which is provided to all players, and there’s the premium track, which costs 1200 R6 credits, or about £8 ($10 USD).

For Year 5 pass owners, the prices go down to approximately 840 R6 credits. The contents of both tracks of the pass relate to some of the selected operators’ lore, with operators like Dokkaebi, Ash, and Mira receiving some of their cosmetics in the free track, and the remaining pieces within the premium. 

The battle pass will be available for four weeks from the 25th March to 22nd April.


Rainbow Six Siege Around the world battle pass unlock cosmetics premium


If you purchase the premium battle pass, then your progress on all the tiers will stay the same between both tracks (If you reach Tier 3 on the battle pass, you get both Tier 3 rewards), and if you purchase the premium track after already completing some tiers on the free one, you will automatically be synced and receive the rewards on the premium up to the tier you are currently at.

Now you may be saying, “Well how easy is it to finish the battle pass?”

Both the free and purchasable tracks move along in tandem, so it would take the same amount of time to complete both. Your progression doesn’t change based on whether or not you purchase the premium track, only based off of how you play the game. 

There are many options to progress through the battle pass, some of them providing more points than others. For example, winning a round of Quick Match provides 60 points towards the pass, winning a match provides 120 and losing a match provides 100 points.

Playing Unranked or Ranked increases the number of points you receive up by 25%, and for those who have the Year 5 pass, you will receive an extra 30% on top of that. There are also a series of challenges to complete that will net you more points. 




There are some caveats that Ubisoft has put in to ensure no one can abuse the system. If anyone leaves a match, is kicked for any reason, stays idle repeatedly, or surrenders, no points are obtained.

These measures allow for Ubisoft to ensure no one is abusing the game instead of playing like everyone else. 


rAINBOW sIX sIEGE PROGRESSION around the world battle pass guide


Theoretically, this means that playing Unranked or Ranked with the Year 5 pass, winning every round, then the match, and never remaining idle or leaving is the most efficient way to gain progression, right?

Well if you are the world’s most impeccable Siege player perhaps, but to all of the non-androids out there, here is some advice. Get a squad together if you can, and just have as much fun as possible.

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If you don’t want to take it so seriously, play some Unranked instead, but try your best to get those round wins. Even if you eventually lose the match, it is only a net loss of about 20 points.

The best advice to give is as follows: Play the game, and have some fun. During such a trying time, playing games like ‘Rainbow Six’ is one of the best distractions to have.