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Rainbow Six Siege caster Geo exposes sexist teammate while in-game

The Rainbow Six Siege caster shared on social media how she was targeted during a match she was playing on stream.

Sexism is sadly everpresent in the gaming community, especially in team-based competitive titles, with women constantly suffering from harassment, namecalling, and players intentionally throwing their matches. 

This is exactly what happened to Rainbow Six Seige caster, Geometric. The British shared a Twitter clip of a young male vexing her, threatening the 23-year-old with "team killing her" in the tactical shooter.

"This sh*t doesn't offend me, it's just exhausting. I'm off the game for a few days," Geo tweeted out. The male's voice can be heard asking: "Should I TK (team-kill) you? Or are you gonna do my dishes?"

The griefer ended up killing Geo in-game, reacting with disbelief throwing her hands in the air expressing how she was "team-killed for being a woman."

geometric rainbow six

(Photo: Geometric)

Even as other teammates tried to stop the harassment from the individual, he called them "simps," a derogatory term usually used when someone online tries to defend women under any circumstances.

Geo would explain how this constant target on her back she has while streaming gets "exhausting" and has taken a toll on her while trying to build her stream.

"To be singled out every time I f**k up or die is hard on me. It's taken me a long time to even be okay streaming this game bc I'm so self conscious that I'm not that good at it."

This is just one of many recurrent acts of sexism high profile female streamers are subject to. Another example happened in the Overwatch community when Twitch streamer Frana was targeted by misogynists after winning a tournament.

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