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Rainbow Six Siege Memevitational: Schedule, teams and how to watch

In the absence of the Rainbow Six Siege Invitational, the community has come together to hold an alternative kind of high-tier competition.
Rainbow Six Siege Memevitational: Schedule, teams and how to watch

At a loss due to the postponed Six Invitational? Thankfully, the Rainbow Six Siege community has created a new kind of event as a replacement.

The Rainbow Six Memevitational acts as a celebration of all things Siege, bringing together pro players, casters, and content creators to compete in a tournament to raise money for COVID-19 relief.

The event looks to largely throw out all the rules in regards to competitive play too, ensuring there’ll be plenty of messy tactics and absurd plays.

Want the lowdown? Here’s what you need to know about the Rainbow Six Memevitational. 


When is the Rainbow Six Siege Memevitational? 


The global online event starts on Saturday 20th February and concludes on Sunday 21st February, with Ubisoft set to unveil new DLC Operation Crimson Heist following the finals. 

The event starts with the Group stage consisting of two groups of five teams, where they’ll compete in best-of-three matches. The top two from each group advance to the Playoffs. 


What are the teams and groups?

The roster of each team is largely divided by region, consisting of one pro player, one pro coach or analyst, one caster, one content creator, and one wildcard choice.

Teams have been split between two groups named EU But Not Really and Too Much Clout, shown in the image below.

Teams are divided into two groups (Picture: Rainbow Six Memevitational) 

APACing Heat (Asia-Pacific) 

  • Jess
  • Ysaera
  • Hybrid
  • Raven
  • sprOnigiri

Dick’s Disciples (Europe)

  • Saltti
  • Naturbreit
  • R6 Dick
  • Modernicide
  • FastAnne

Dukes of Hereford (UK) 

  • Fraser
  • CTZN
  • GiG
  • Snedger
  • Earlswood

EU sad little man (Europe)

  • Milosh
  • Pengu
  • Hap
  • BikiniBodhi
  • Ferral

FoxA’s Naughty List (United States)

  • LonnieLightning
  • Spoit
  • AutumnMae
  • Shawk
  • Royal Penguin

LycanDeezNuts (United States)

  • Chowderhead
  • Rampy
  • Lycan
  • CaliberJacob
  • LeonGids

Pasha No Biceps (Russia) 

  • Andreezy
  • p4sh4
  • FasterTL
  • aldiYARGH
  • Always
  • JoyStiCK

Princess & Her Ponies (World) 

  • Ryleigh
  • FilthySosa
  • Rcuth
  • KiXSTAr
  • Zak

Pyrite’s Aces (Brazil) 

  • AceofPyrite
  • Budega
  • Asterix
  • Lagonis
  • Cameram4n

Sorry Squad (Canada) 

  • Flynn
  • Helbee
  • Interro
  • Fooya
  • Jarvis


What is the schedule and how can I watch the Rainbow Six Memevitational?

Set your alarms (Picture: Rainbow Six Memevitational) 

Matches will be ongoing throughout the weekend, divided between two Twitch streams on CCS Esports and CCS Esports 2. You can check out timings for each below. 

Saturday 20th February

CCS Esports schedule

  • APACing Heat vs Dick’s Disciples - 11am CET/10am GMT/2am PT
  • Dick’s Disciples vs Pasha No Biceps - 12.30pm CET/11.30am GMT/3.30am PT
  • APACing Heat vs Dukes of Hereford - 2pm CET/1pm GMT/5am PT
  • EU Sad Little Man vs Dukes of Hereford - 3.30pm CET/2.30pm GMT/6.30am PT
  • Pasha No Biceps vs EU Sad Little Man - 5.30pm CET/4.30pm GMT/8.30am PT

CCS Esports 2 schedule

  • Pyrite’s Aces vs Princess & Her Ponies - 4pm CET/3pm GMT/7am PT
  • Princess & Her Ponies vs FoxA’s Naughty List - 5.30pm CET/4.30pm GMT/8.30am PT
  • Pyrite’s Aces vs LycanDeezNuts - 7pm CET/6pm GMT/10am PT
  • Princess & Her Ponies vs LycanDeezNuts - 8.30pm CET/7.30pm GMT/11.30am PT
  • Pyrite’s Aces vs FoxA’s Naughty List - 10pm CET/9pm GMT/1pm PT

Sunday 21st February

  • Playoffs (both channels) - 12pm to 5pm CET/11am to 4pm GMT/3am to 8am PT
  • Operation Crimson Heist reveal (Rainbow6 Twitch) - 6pm CET/5pm GMT/9am PT