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Siege Pro League under fire after claims of mismanagement from Luminosity's Hyena

Ubisoft has been called out on Twitter by one of their professional players for Rainbow Six: Siege, and there is some fire behind their claims.
Siege Pro League under fire after claims of mismanagement from Luminosity's Hyena
On April 14th Rainbow Six Siege player, Kian "Hyena" Mozayani of Luminosity Gaming, released a statement making a litany of claims against his organisation and Ubisoft which may have left him and his teammates without a spot in next seasons Pro League.

In a Twitlonger, where the (possibly former) LG player states that negotiations between Ubisoft and Luminosity, which ultimately broke down, left him and his teammates "in the dark" and possibly without a team while describing how the relationship between himself and Robb Chiarini, Director of Esports at Ubisoft has broken down.

A Spot in Pro League

Hyena stated in his post that they were “told that LG would be releasing us since they could not come to an agreement with Ubisoft regarding the upcoming LAN league.”

Allegedly, LG and Ubisoft repeatedly entered negotiations for their space in the Rainbow Six: Siege LAN scene without the team being informed, and they consistently fell through. Through the entirety of Season 11 Heyana states that his team had no idea whether or not they would even have a job in Pro League by the end of the season. Hyena also alleged that Ubisoft delayed their meeting multiple times, leaving the team in the dark about not only whether or not they still have a job on the Luminosity team, but also whether or not they would have to move out of LG’s team house amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. 


Harsh Words for Ubisoft

The entire tone of Hyena’s writing reads off as nothing short of rage-induced, and that can be understandable if someone takes his claims as truth. He claims that as the players threatened to go public with their treatment under Ubisoft, he received a personal call from Robb Chiarini, Director of Esports at Ubisoft. Hyena claims that Chiarini berated him for not “respecting Ubisoft employees”.

 In response, Mozayani had some very choice words for the Esports Director stating:

"Having your name associated with two failed competitive scenes, one would assume that Ubisoft wouldn't give this clown an even bigger game to fuck up, but I am surprised by this company’s decisions every day! Both in game and out."

Chiarini has worked in the esports scenes for a number of Ubisoft titles including Ghost Recon: Breakpoint & The Division, with Hyena making reference to his time at For Honor and Brawlhala


Looking for an Org

Hyena heavily implies that his roster has been let go from LG, but that amidst the pandemic they are currently living in Vegas looking for a team to join, despite the implication that Ubisoft is heavily holding them back from doing so. He details out all of his team’s accomplishments for Siege and urges people to spread his message and help him further. His speech has been retweeted by some other members of his team, and some of them have their own words to say on the matter.

Teammate Coal "Doodle" Phillips also retweeted someone’s words on the subject, shaming Ubisoft for their handling of it.