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Rainbow Six Siege Snow Brawl Start Time Confirmed For 2022

With Christmas nearby, Rainbow Six Siege players can expect another festive and merry Snow Brawl event coming soon.
Rainbow Six Siege Snow Brawl Start Time Confirmed For 2022

Every year, Ubisoft launches another spectacular Christmas-themed event to keep players busy and playing the game. For the most part, the Rainbow Six Siege Snow Brawl event has been one of the most widely-adored Christmas-themed occasions in the game.

The event features exclusive cosmetics players can earn through Holiday Packs, as well as purchasable Operator skins in the shop. In addition, Snow Brawl also brings a limited-time playable capture-the-flag mode that players can relish and enjoy during the very merry season.

Update on 16 December 2022 - This article was updated and checked for the latest 'Rainbow Six Siege Snow Brawl' news and leaks.

Latest News

December 15 - Rainbow Six Siege Announce Snow Brawl Start Time

Today, Ubisoft announced the return of Snow Brawl, a limited-time event for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, beginning tomorrow and running for three weeks until 6th January.

Snow Brawl re-introduces a snow-filled capture the flag game mode, where players must capture the flag of the opposing team and bring it back to their own base to score a point.

Equipped with unlimited snowballs as their main weapon and a holiday-themed secondary gadget, players will enjoy a chilling fight in a revisited Chalet map, at night. Flags can be released by the holder or by taking down the carrier and fallen flags can be returned to base by picking them up. Three hits down a player and sends them to Respawn, and in this mode, Infinite Respawn will be active. Boosts available on the map include running speed, rate of fire, air jab ammo, and health packs. The team with the most points at the end of the five-minute round wins!

This time, Snow Brawl features 12 playable Operators, including three Operators new to the event: Dokkaebi, Grim, and Sens. Players can fight as The Blue Blades with Operators Dokkaebi, Grim, Sens, Rook, Vigil, Frost, Castle, Thorn, or The Orange Blizzard with Operators Ash, Blackbeard, Montagne, and Osa.

The Snow Brawl Collection returns with 45 wintry items including uniforms, headgear, matching weapon skins, and Operator card portraits for those in The Orange Blizzards and The Blue Blades. Snow Brawl also introduces the Snowflake Bundle with includes a signature weapon skin, a universal attachment skin, charm, and background. All Snow Brawl bundles will be available on the in-game Store for 1680 R6C or via the collection packs at 300 R6C (12,500 Renown) each. One free Collection pack will be gifted to all players who log into the game during the Snow Brawl event, and one additional per week as they complete the weekly challenges.

December 9 - Rainbow Six Siege Tease Snow Brawl Event

Looks like the Snow Brawl is coming back...

Rainbow Six Siege Christmas Event - Snow Brawl 2022 Skins

So, what's installed for Christmas in Rainbow Six Siege 2022? Well, it's more than likely that Snow Brawl will return again this year. With its return, players will get to purchase previous cosmetics, as well as possibly earn them through Holiday 2022 Packs. If that's the case, then there are multiple Operator skins, weapon wraps, and charms players can acquire. Add in some of the newer cosmetics that will likely come with the event too, and there are so many things that players can collect during Snow Brawl 2022.

snow brawl 2022 likely feature christmas cosmetics
Snow Brawl 2022 will likely feature previously debuted Christmas-themed Rainbow Six Siege cosmetics.

That said, Snow Brawl 2022 will likely feature the same limited-time playable capture-the-flag mode. Maybe the mode won't be held on a decorated version of the map, Chalet. But it could be held through another map that hasn't been featured in the past event. In terms of the capture-the-flag mode, for players that haven't encountered and relished it yet, it's pretty straightforward.

Rainbow Six Siege Christmas Event - Snow Brawl 2022 LTM

The objective of this capture-the-flag mode is to acquire a flag located at the home base of each team on opposite sides of the map. Once acquired, players run back safely to their base and reach a specific area that's considered the goal to score a point. While running back to their base, these players can release the flag at any point to deal with enemies. However, if they happen to be eliminated, they'll drop the flag immediately. 

snow brawl 2022 feature rainbow six siege limited time capture the flag mode
Snow Brawl 2022 will likely feature last year's Rainbow Six Siege limited-time capture-the-flag mode.

In addition, if an allied flag is dropped, players may then go and pick it up, then return it respectfully to the base and protect it once again. The team with the most points at the end of the timer will be declared the winner, however, if both groups are tied, the game will go into overtime. In overtime, the first team to score in sudden death will win the game.

One of the pretty interesting and cool parts of this Snow Brawl event is that during the capture-the-flag mode, players will mainly be using snowballs as their main weapons, while the Snowblast Launcher serves as the secondary weapon. If players receive three hits from a snowball, they'll be frozen and become a snowman before respawning. However, if a player is hit with the Snowblast Launcher, they'll be knocked to the ground, giving the opponent time to chuck a couple of snowballs at them.

These features will likely appear if Snow Brawl returns to Rainbow Six Siege in December 2022. That said, players should take this information with a grain of salt, as Ubisoft might bring something new to the table this time around. Until then, stay tuned for more information as we update this article duly when details arise. Feel free to watch Rainbow Six Siege's Snow Brawl 2021 trailer above.

All featured images are courtesy of Ubisoft via Rainbow Six Siege.