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Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

Team Empire win Six Raleigh Major

Team Empire have the won the Six Raleigh Major over G2 Esports in a well-fought best-of-five final.

Team Empire have the won the Six Raleigh Major over G2 Esports in a well-fought best-of-five final.


Team Empire add the Major trophy to their cabinet alongside the Pro League Season 9 title and get revenge on G2, who beat them without dropping a map at the Six Invitational in February.

It wasn't an entirely clear route for the predominantly Russian roster. Only the win over MiBR was a clean 2-0, with TSM taking a single map in the group stage. In the playoffs, FaZe Clan and Team Secret both won their respective second maps, but were ultimately unable to win their games.

G2 tore through CYCLOPS athlete gaming and Team Secret in the group stage and didn't drop a map in playoffs to either TSM or forZe. Going into the final, G2's easier run came up against Empire's resilience.

The first map went to Empire but G2 struck back to win on Kafe Dostoyevsky, their current strongest map and best chance to put Empire on the back foot. Unfortunately for them, Empire were undeterred. Clubline and Coastline soon followed with Empire in full force and the trophy remained within grasp throughout.

Credit: @Peterchau

DreamHack Montreal 2019 in September will not have Team Empire present, but G2 will be looking to secure that trophy in their absence. The second half of Pro League Season 10 in Europe will see the next Empire-G2 match on 27th September. The former and current Major champions will fight for the two top spots to the Finals.

Currently, Empire sit at the top of the table at 5-2-0 with no losses, but one of their draws being on Coastline to a currently fifth-place G2. The Season 10 Finals will take place at the Aichi Sky Expo in Tokoname, Japan in November with the top two European, North American, Latin American and Asia Pacific teams all in attendance.