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Ubisoft gives first look at the upcoming Match Replay feature in Rainbow Six Siege

The much-awaited feature is still in the pipeline.
Ubisoft gives first look at the upcoming Match Replay feature in Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft revealed a Match Replay feature in Rainbow Six Siege at the beginning of Year 5, but the feature was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. The feature is still on the developer's radar, however, and Ubisoft provided an update on the feature in a developer blog


Rainbow six replay feature siege
(Picture: Ubisoft)


The Match Replay feature will automatically record the last ten matches regardless of the game mode or playlist. Players can review the matches in first person or top-down points of view and can cycle between all players in the match. Players can access their recorded matches through the Watch tab in the main menu where the last ten games will be saved. 

Ubisoft explained that they have plans to update the feature with more functions such as storing them on game servers, adding a share feature to share replays with friends, and potentially allow players to download and watch professional esport matches.


Rainbow Six Siege Match replay feature siege replay feature delay
Players can review their footage to see how they can improve. (Picture: Ubisoft)


This is an excellent feature that will allow players to relive their best moments and analyze their mistakes to help them improve. Several other games such as League of Legends and Overwatch have a replay feature that allows players to review their footage which is something Siege players have wanted for years. 

The Match Replay feature does not currently allow players to clip specific segments, but this will likely be added in future updates. 

The new feature will be available on PC Test Servers before it is officially released. Ubisoft will let players know when the feature is available for testing in future Test Server Patch Notes.