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Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4: Release Date, Leaks and Everything We Know So Far

Come and check out all the Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 4 information!
Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4: Release Date, Leaks and Everything We Know So Far

Rainbow Six Siege, for years, has provided a healthy and enjoyable competitive environment for players to thrive within, regardless of capability. What truly sets Rainbow Six Siege apart, though, is its ever-changing competitive environment. Ubisoft's dedication to maintaining a balanced and competitive game is evident in the continuous updates, new operators, and map reworks they deliver each year. Next up is Y8S4, with the prospect of a brand new operator, map and plenty more. So what do we know about this next season of content? Read on for the complete overview.

Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 4 Release Date

Update - Ubisoft has announced that Y8S4 'Operation Deep Freeze' is set to launch on November 28

With the launch of Operation Heavy Mettle being released on August 29th, players have already begun to look forward to the updates of Season Four, which will most likely arrive in late November/Early December 2023. Keep in mind that it's also likely we'll see the next season announced during the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta, which will take place from Oct 30 to Nov 12.

BLAST R6 Major Atlanta
Rainbow Six Siege Y8S4 will most likely be revealed during the BLAST R6 Major Atlanta

Rainbow Six Siege Year 8 Season 4 Content

What's New - Operation Deep Freeze introduces Tubarão to Rainbow Six Siege, a new Operator hailing from Portugal's Wolfguard CTU, equipped with the Zoto Canister gadget to freeze and disable enemy gadgets while revealing footprints. With a versatile loadout and the ability to play as a 2 Speed, 2 Health Defender, Tubarão adapts to both anchoring and roaming roles. In addition players get a new map, known as 'The Lair', a clandestine underground location set in Portugal with four bomb sites, demanding strategic rotations for defenders against coordinated attackers. 

Year 8 Season 4 is also removing Terrorist Hunt, replaced by a Defender AI playlist for PvE fans. Additionally, Frag Grenade's will also recieve a rework, detonating two seconds after bouncing. Last but not least, a new Marketplace beta will be introduced that allows players to trade cosmetic items using premium Credits.

Original Story Content Follows - The specific details of the Season haven't been disclosed to the masses, therefore, only limited information is available right now. For the time being though, we know that Season 4 will revolve around a Portuguese theme, with a Portuguese operator being introduced to the title alongside a new map, again, likely Portuguese-themed. 

Alongside the operator and new map, we have these updates we can also look forward to:


  • Grim operator rework (part II)


  • Core gameplay improvements and reworks
  • Battle Pass (newly implemented content)
  • In-game Event
  • Shield Mechanics Rework
  • Defender AI Playlist


Overall the details of the upcoming Season are quite vague for now, however, Ubisoft is only beginning to finalize details after the release of the previous Operation.

Regardless, players can certainly look forward to the possibility of an operator based on the Portuguese Commandos. Whether or not the new map will be located in an urban or rural location is unannounced, however, I think players can collectively agree a new rural location would be incredibly exciting to experience once again.