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Best Horses In Red Dead Online

Wondering which horse to buy in Red Dead Online? These are the best horses available in the game.
Best Horses In Red Dead Online

No outlaw in Red Dead Online is complete without their trusty horse; just like in Red Dead Redemption 2, horses in the game not only get you where you're trying to go, but they serve as your companions and can help you participate in certain activities. In RDO, you can even race your horse! Therefore, picking out the best horse for you is critical to not only enjoying your experience in Red Dead Online but also winning more games and earning more money.

With all the horses available to you, it's hard to settle on just one - but we're here to assist you. Without further ado, here is our comprehensive list of the best horses in Red Dead Online, along with why you should consider buying each one.

Best Horses In Red Dead Online

arabian horse
The Arabian Horse is one of the best horses in Red Dead Online. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

The Arabian Horse

The Arabian horse is widely considered the best horse in Red Dead Online due to its speed, acceleration, and agility. This horse has the highest stats in the game, all-around, and is the best choice for almost all tasks and applications if you do have an Arabian. This also makes the Arabian the second most expensive horse in the game at $850. Thankfully, if you have a PS4 copy of Red Dead Online, the Arabian comes with the game for free, so you won't even need to buy it! If you are on another platform, though, this costly horse is totally worth the purchase.

The Arabian costs $850 and will be unlocked at Level 66.

The Missouri Fox Trotter

The Missouri Fox Trotter is another excellent horse in Red Dead Online and comes second only to the Arabian. Despite falling short of the Arabian in some stat areas, the Missouri Fox Trotter is actually the most costly horse in the game. This horse is very fast and has high stamina, making it ideal for almost all types of events and tasks. Overall, if you can't get your hands on an Arabian or just aren't at a high enough level to get one yet, the Missouri Fox Trotter is your best bet.

The Missouri Fox Trotter costs $950 and will be unlocked at Level 58.

The Turkoman

The Turkoman is truly built for speed, with its health, stamina, and speed stats that are better than almost any other horse in the game. If you want to participate in horse races, the Turkoman is an optimal choice. While the Turkoman might not have extremely fast acceleration, this horse excels in those stats that matter in horse racing. You'll likely win a lot of races if you level up this horse and bond with it.

The Turkoman costs $950 and will be unlocked at Level 58

The Ardennes

What the Ardennes lacks in speed, it makes up for in its braveness and durability. The Ardennes will be able to take on any tasks you give it, protecting you and keeping you alive for much longer than some of the alternatives. That said, the Ardennes probably won't win you any races. They just aren't designed to be fast horses, boasting only a medium level of speed and acceleration. 

The Ardennes costs $150 and will be unlocked at Level 36.

All Red Dead Online Horse Types, Costs, And Unlock Levels

horse red dead online
There are many different breeds of horses available in Red Dead Online, but some are better than others. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

Here's a closer look at all of the different types of horses in Red Dead Online, including their names, costs, and unlock levels. You'll only be able to ride a Morgan, Kentucky Saddler, Tennessee Walker, or Belgian at rank 1, but as you rank up, you'll unlock more types of stronger horses.

  • Kentucky Saddler – $50 at Rank 1
  • Morgan – $55 at Rank 1
  • Tennessee Walker – $60 at Rank 1
  • Belgian – $120 at Rank 1
  • Shire – $120 at Rank 15
  • Suffolk Punch – $120 at Rank 18
  • American Paint – $130 at Rank 21
  • American Standardbred – $130 at Rank 21
  • Appaloosa – $130 at Rank 21
  • Hungarian Halfbred – $130 at Rank 24
  • Mustang – $130 at Rank 27
  • Nokota – $130 at Rank 30
  • Thoroughbred – $130 at Rank 30
  • Andalusian – $150 at Rank 36
  • Ardennes – $150 at Rank 36
  • Dutch Warmblood – $150 at Rank 36
  • Arabian – $850 at Rank 66
  • Turkoman – $925 at Rank 56
  • Missouri Fox Trotter – $950 at Rank 58

If you've just bought a new horse in RDO, you might find that you run into the infamous Stable Glitch, which traps you in an endless animation loop at your stable. If this happens to you, don't fret - be sure to check out our article on how to fix the RDO stable glitch!

That's it for the best horses in Red Dead Online. If you're trying to choose a new horse for your outlaw, there are quite a few options that will work well for almost any player.