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Next Red Dead Online Update Imminent? The Bank Doors Are Open Again

A Red Dead Online update might be coming soon, according to several sources.
Next Red Dead Online Update Imminent? The Bank Doors Are Open Again

Red Dead Online might finally be getting another major update soon, or at least, that's what some fans think, after the bank doors mysteriously opened for the first time in two years. The sudden, unexpected change last happened in July 2021, which was just one week before a major update was released. In July 2021, Blood Money was released, the game's first - and last - major update in a while.

Bank doors are usually closed in Red Dead Online, so it's definitely a shock for players to see them wide open for the first time in years, especially since updates for the game aren't exactly frequent. You can check out the open bank doors for yourself in Red Dead Online as of 10th July 2023, and even enter the inside of the banks and grab some money from the tables. While it was possible to enter the manager's office in July 2021, players can no longer enter this specific room.

While some fans speculate that the opening of the bank doors signals a major update just on the horizon, others believe it could just be an unfortunate bug that has gotten fellow players' hopes up. One player stated that this "probably means absolutely nothing," recalling that the last time bank doors opened, it was simply a bug.

We don't know why Red Dead Online has opened its bank doors - whether it's another strange glitch, or if it could mean something big for the future of Rockstar's Red Dead MMO. For now, players will just have to speculate and see what happens. Once we find out more information about this strange happening in Red Dead Online, we'll update this article. Hopefully, it's something more significant than the normal Red Dead Online Monthly Update.