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Is Red Dead Online Shutting Down?

Is Red Dead Online shutting down? Lots of players have this question these days, so here's the answer.
Is Red Dead Online Shutting Down?

Red Dead Online and Red Dead Redemption 2 are some of Rockstar's most famous and most beloved games of all time, with thousands of players still logging on to play the MMO every month. While both games are still going relatively strong in terms of their player base, Rockstar doesn't release regular Red Dead Online updates anymore and instead focuses on even more popular games like GTA V Online, resulting in a lot of gamers asking, "Is Red Dead Online shutting down?"

If you're curious about the state of Rockstar's Red Dead Online, read on. We'll explain whether Red Dead Online is shutting down, and why fans are expecting that it might shutter its doors soon.

Is Red Dead Online Shutting Down?

red dead online shutting down
Is Red Dead Online shutting down? Many players speculate that it might be meeting its end sometime soon, but Rockstar has announced nothing of the sort. (Picture: Rockstar Games)

As of March 2023, Red Dead Online is not shutting down any time soon. Rockstar has not released any official announcements about the death of the game, nor have they warned fans of an impending closure.

Fans have speculated that Red Dead Online might be closing down soon since around 2019 when updates for the game became less frequent. Still, even though the game doesn't receive as many updates and as much attention as it once did, it isn't shutting down - or at least, Rockstar hasn't said so.

The game still has an average of around 2,000 concurrent players each month, meaning that it's likely that the company is still making some money off of the game and may have the motivation to keep it up. However, as we mentioned earlier, the company now focuses most of its attention on newer games and bigger money-makers like GTA Online, which has a whopping monthly player count of almost 100,000 players - almost 50 times that of Red Dead Online's user base.

Rockstar will definitely give fans some warning if Red Dead Online does shut down - and we'll be the first to let you know if they do - but for now, the servers are still totally functional and developers have not stated that they plan on shutting down Red Dead Online in the near future.