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Where To Find The Clocktower Missing Gear In Remnant 2

This guide shares the location where you find the missing gear for the clocktower found in the Losomn biome in Remnant 2 while sharing the solution to the clock puzzle.
Where To Find The Clocktower Missing Gear In Remnant 2
Image Via Gunfire Games

While exploring the Losomn biome in Remnant 2, players come across an area called the Hewdas Clock, where they find a delipidated clocktower which, when scaled, players discover one of the gears required to make the clock back up and running is missing. 

Moreover, looking at the clock from the inside, you will see one of the clock hands holding a blue item, which is none other than the Broken Timepiece, a material you can use to craft a mod called Time Lapse. 

In case you didn't know, using the Time Lapse mod, you can create a 6m blast that freezes all enemies for 7 seconds, giving you enough time to take time out without worrying about getting attacked by them. 

So without any further ado, let us check where you can find the missing Clockwork Pinion in Remnant 2. 

Where To Find Clockwork Pinion In Remnant 2

Clockwork Pinion Location Remnant 2
You can find the missing gear inside the clock found in the clockmaker's house located in Lamark District. (Picture: Hritwik / Gunfire Games)

You can find the Clockwork Pinion, the missing gear required to start the clock at the Hewdas Clocktower, in Lamark District, in the Losomn biome, inside the Clockmaker's house

To get started, make your way to the Lamark District in the Losomn biome. Once you are there, take out the enemies at the square and keep moving ahead till you descend to the burning house belonging to the Clockmaker. 

Solving The Clock Puzzle In Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Clock Puzzle Solution
You can solve the Lamark District clock puzzle by setting the time to 11:17 on the clock found inside the clockmaker's house. (Picture: Hritwik / Gunfire Games)

In Remnant 2, inside the Clockmaker's house, you will find a clock you can interact with. It is a puzzle you can solve by setting the time in the clock by manually moving its hands to the time currently displayed on the clock at Hewdas Clocktower. 

Don't worry! You don't have to go back and check the time, as it's 11:17 for everyone. That said, adjust the clock hands so that the time it displays is 11:17, and press the interact button to open the secret chamber. 

Doing so will drop the Clockwork Pinion item on the table, which you can collect and use to get the clock at Hewdas Clock back running. 

How To Get Broken Timepiece In Remnant 2 

Remnant 2 Broken Timepiece
You can use the Broken Timepiece to craft the Time Lapse mod in Remnant 2. (Picture: Hritwik / Gunfire Games)

As we mentioned earlier, to get the Broken Timepiece material in Remnant 2, head back to Hewdas Clock and use the lift to reach the top of the tower, where you can use the Clockwork Pinion. 

Once that is done, the sacks holding the weights will move up along with the clock hands, dropping the Broken Timepiece near the crack in the wall. 

How To Craft Time Lapse Mod In Remnant 2

Time Lapse Mod in Remnant 2
The Time Lapse mod cannot freezes bosses. (Picture: Hritwik / Gunfire Games)

Once you have obtained the Broken Timepiece material, head back to Ward 13 and talk to McCabe. 

Navigate to the Time Lapse mod and select it to get the crafting option, granted you have the required Scraps and other materials. 

That concludes our guide on where to find the clocktower missing gear in Remnant 2. For more on the game, check out our dedicated Remnant 2 section.