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Remnant 2 2024 Roadmap and Future DLC plans

Jump back into the high-octane action this year with our breakdown of all the content, features, updates, and more surrounding the roadmap for Remnant 2 in 2024.
Remnant 2 2024 Roadmap and Future DLC plans
Gunfire Games

Numerous players have embraced Remnant 2 following their positive experiences with its predecessor, Remnant: From the Ashes. Luckily, the game has exceeded expectations. As we anticipate the year 2024, players are eager to understand what lies ahead for this soul-like, loot-and-shoot masterpiece.

Fortunately, we possess substantial information about Remnant 2's upcoming developments in 2024. If you're curious about what's in store, continue reading. Here, we will outline everything known so far, encompassing content, updates, and new features slated for Remnant 2 in 2024 and how these elements align with the game's roadmap for the year.

What Content Is Coming To Remnant 2 In 2024?

As it currently stands, no roadmap for the content additions we'll receive in 2024 has been announced for Remnant 2. However, we do have confirmation of what we can expect over the next year when it comes to the content we expect to see, and since it all boils down to DLCs over incremental content additions.

Remnant 2 Roadmap 2024 likely to come in DLCs
Since Remnant 2 isn't a live service title, we don't expect a full roadmap, and instead, we will likely see the release of the final two DLCs for the game. (Picture: Gunfire Games)

The reason for this is that Remnant 2 is not a live service title, and as such, a roadmap is highly unlikely to be given to us at any point. However, in terms of the content, we know that the devs have promised us three DLCs. The first of which was released back in November of 2023 (The Awakened King DLC), and two more are slated to release in 2024.

We don't have a confirmed release date for these DLCs just yet, but based on how the DLCs were released for the first Remnant title, each with roughly three to four months between them, we expect a similar timeline for these DLCs to drop. Specifically, DLC 2 will drop three months after the first, so that would put it roughly in March or April of this year, and then the third and final DLC would drop 3-4 months after that, so around June or July of 2024.

Remnant 2 Roadmap 2024 Content similar to the Awakened King
When it comes to content, we expect to see the remaining two DLCs take on a similar model to the already-released Awakened King DLC. (Picture: Gunfire Games)

When it comes to content we expect to see, it should likely mirror what we were given in The Awakened King DLC, which introduced a fresh storyline for players to enjoy, a new character archetype, new weapons and items, and of course, new enemies and bosses to slay. For a comprehensive breakdown of the content we saw in that DLC and what we could expect in future DLCs, here's a quick breakdown:

New Storyline, Dungeons, and Area in the World of Losomn: Delve deeper into the mysterious realm of Losomn, and uncover the harrowing narrative of the One True King, whose mind has been tainted by the Root's corruption, driving him to seek revenge against those who oppose him.

Introducing The Ritualist Archetype: This new character archetype excels at utilizing status effects to torment their foes. Further details about this enigmatic figure will be unveiled as the DLC's launch date draws near.

A Wealth of Items and Powerful Weapons: Equip your survivor with a wide array of new weapons, modifications, amulets, and rings, essential for survival in the perilous, redesigned Losomn.

New Bosses, Characters, and Fearsome Creatures: The ocean depths yield mysterious threats and survivors of unknown origin, adding new layers of challenge for players as they traverse the chaos-ridden streets.

Remnant 2 Roadmap 2024 More content to come
While we're more sure of DLC releases, more additional content may come to the game in other forms, so stay tuned for more news. (Picture: Gunfire Games)

So there you have it, everything we know so far regarding the content roadmap that lies ahead of us for Remnant 2 in 2024. Of course, this information is still speculative and is subject to change, especially those DLC release dates, so as always take it with a grain of salt for now, and as soon as more concrete information is made available, you can be sure to find it here first.