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Resident Evil 4: How To Beat Ramon Salazar

Ramon Salazar is one of the final bosses in Resident Evil 4. Here's how you can beat him.
Resident Evil 4: How To Beat Ramon Salazar

Resident Evil 4 is a challenging game with numerous enemy encounters that demands agility and precision. Like other RE games, the toughest encounters in RE 4 are also boss battles.

One of the most challenging bosses in Resident Evil 4 is Ramon Salazar. It's also one of the final bosses you encounter in the game, so it's time to bring out the big guns. If you're struggling to beat this devilish boss, fret not. Here's how to beat Ramon Salazar in Resident Evil 4. 

How to beat Ramon Salazar in Resident Evil 4

ramon salazar boss
Ramon is an agile boss and he can fly around the arena to deal damage from different directions. (Picture: Shreyansh / Capcom)

You encounter Ramon Salazar at the end of chapter 12 in Resident Evil 4. The first thing you might notice is that, unlike the Mendes boss fight, there's a ton of space in the arena for you to move around and strategize. All this space will come in handy during different phases of this encounter, which I'll get to in just a bit. 

Ramon is an agile boss, and he can fly around the arena to deal damage from different directions. Thankfully, there are certain places in the arena where you're less prone to his attacks. 

Firstly, avoid getting caught in the open. Ramon has this poison attack that he drops on top of you. It's best to keep your distance from this one. If Ramon is around the staircase, target from the stairs on the other side of the room. If he's out in the open, you best stay hidden in the area under the staircase. You get the gist.

Like Mendes, Ramon has a weak spot, an orange eye next to his mutated head. As mentioned previously, it's best to bring out your best guns. The Killer7 magnum is a great choice to deal massive damage. If you had leveled up the other magnum, Broken Butterfly, that's also a good choice. 

As for other weapons, make sure you use ones that have high penetration power. They deal 3x damage against bosses. The best examples are the SR M1903 bolt-action rifle and the Stingray semi-automatic rifle. The former is better suited if you're more accurate with your shots. Also, it's pointless bringing a shotgun since you would rarely get a chance to get up and close and personal. 

ramon salazar boss
Ramon gets staggered after you have hit its weak points a few times. (Picture: Shreyansh / Capcom)

Ramon functions kind of like a dragon. Instead of fire, it spews a black tar-like substance that deals a ton of damage, which is why you should never stand head-to-head with him. Occasionally, he will also cover the staircases with toxic pools that burst after a few seconds.

Like Mendes, Ramon gets staggered after you have hit its weak points a few times. Use these moments to deal critical attacks from your knife. As you would, Ramon gets furious and start spewing curses. Just ignore this troubled man-child and continue targeting its weak part. 

In the second half, Ramon does a lunging attack that deals devastating damage. Before he comes for you, he will say something like, "Do stay still!" It's your cue to get fat away from his line of sight. You can also stop the lunging attack by shooting the weak point at the right time. However, I do not recommend doing that unless you're extremely confident about your shot. 

Ramon also spews a more hard-hitting version of black tar in the second phase. He usually follows it up after saying, "You worm!"

Keep hitting its weak point, and when he staggered again, use your knife to deal a critical attack. Keep following this pattern, and Ramon should be out in no time.