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Resident Evil 4: How To Survive The Village Attack

The first village attack is one of the most challenging encounters in Resident Evil 4. Here's how you can survive it.
Resident Evil 4: How To Survive The Village Attack

Resident Evil 4 is an immensely challenging action horror game, no matter whatever difficulty you choose to play it on. Often you will find yourself surrounded by hordes of enemies with very little ammunition and firepower to combat your way out of those situations.

One of the prime examples of such situations is the first village encounter in Chapter 1. Suppose you're struggling to overcome this zombie mob invasion; fret not. Here's how you can survive the village encounter in Resident Evil 4. 

How to overcome the village attack in Resident Evil 4

resident evil 4 village encounter
You must survive for at least three minutes until the church bell goes off. (Picture: Shreyansh / Capcom)

The village encounter in the Resident Evil 4 remake works pretty much the same way as it did in the original. Like the original, you must survive for at least three minutes until the church bell goes off and calls all the enemies. This encounter is also a great reminder of what the combat in Resident Evil 4 is about, which is, being swift and precise.

Once the mob sees you, it's game on. The best way to survive this encounter is to not stop. Keep running in circles and use ammo only to fend off enemies close to you. It's pointless shooting them to death since there are so many of them. Moreover, you're going to get surrounded the moment you stop for more than 10 seconds.

resident evil 4 village encounter
Look for opportunities in the environment to disrupt enemies. (Picture: Shreyansh / Capcom)

Keep a close eye on the environment and look for opportunities to disrupt the enemy's attacks. You can shoot the bulb in the cowshed to put enemies in flames. You can also climb up the bell tower and hide away for a few seconds.

Once the chainsaw guy enters the scene, it's going to get even more frantic. Do not enter any of the houses (except the one with the shotgun), as it's easy to get cornered. 

A short cutscene will trigger as soon as you enter this house. This is also a  great way to add a few more seconds to the clock as Leon barricades the front door as soon as he enters. Just make sure to grab the shotgun from the second floor and jump off from the window as soon as the mob starts to show up.

Keep going in circles, shooting enemies when necessary, and you will be able to survive the village encounter.