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Resident Evil 1 Remake Might Be In The Works, Leaks Claim

A Resident Evil 1 remake might be coming next, Resident Evil leakers claim.
Resident Evil 1 Remake Might Be In The Works, Leaks Claim
(Picture: Capcom)

With recent leaks suggesting that Resident Evil 9 might be in the works from Capcom, leakers have found evidence to suggest that a Resident Evil 1 remake might also be coming soon. (Yes, another one!) A 9 May Tweet from X/Twitter account and known leaker PRE_Alarabiya, originally posted in Arabic, noted that a "Resident Evil 1 Remake will be released in 2026." The leaker also provided some possible details about Resident Evil 9, suggesting that Leon Kennedy will be the main character. 

resident evil 1 remake
A Resident Evil 1 remake could be next on Capcom's list. (Picture: Capcom)

Another leaker, Daniel Richtman (DanielRPK), made a private Patreon post on 12 May stating that Resident Evil 1 will get a remake soon. With two known leakers in the community stating that an RE1 remake might be in the works, it seems more possible than ever - albeit not confirmed - that STARS' Alpha team might reprise their roles and venture through the Spencer Mansion one more time.

The original Resident Evil game came out in March 1996, but developers released an HD version remade from the ground up in 2002. The year 2026, when leakers say the game will come out, is significant for Resident Evil since it's the franchise's 30th anniversary. It'd make since for Capcom to release a remake of the game that started it all, on a huge anniversary for the franchise. 

While Resident Evil 1 wouldn't be the first game in the series to get a remake - of course, it's already gotten a remake of its own, along with RE2, RE3, and the Game of the Year-nominated RE4 - but it would be the first to get two of them. It's possible that this could open the door for more subsequent remakes in the future.

For now, Capcom hasn't released any official news or information about a Resident Evil 1 remake, and its existence hasn't been confirmed. Amongst the rumors that an RE1 remake might be coming sometime in the future, some fans also speculate that a Resident Evil 5 remake could also be released.