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Resident Evil 4 Production Is "In Its Final Spurt"

Development on Resident Evil 4 is nearly complete, according to a Capcom publisher's comments.
Resident Evil 4 Production Is "In Its Final Spurt"

Resident Evil fans have been anxiously awaiting more information about the game since Capcom announced the Resident Evil 4 remake late last year. It seems they won't have to wait much longer for further updates - or to finally get to play the game - as Resident Evil 4 producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi explained in a recent interview that the game is on track for its slated March 24th release.

resident evil 4 remake
The Resident Evil 4 Remake will likely release on time in March 2023. (Picture: Capcom)

"We are working hard to provide you with more information about Resident Evil 4 in preparation for its release on March 24th," said Hirabayashi. "The game is also in the final spurt to make the team united and make it a little better. Please wait just a little longer."  

Hibarayashi's comments were published in a 2022 end-of-year special interview by the Japanese magazine and media outlet Famitsu, in which major developers talked about their plans for the following year.

It's certainly not unheard of for a game to be delayed these days, even those developed by major names like Capcom. The COVID-19 pandemic put many development teams' progress to a grinding halt, and many are still recovering even as we enter 2023. Fans have come to expect delays, so it's great news for survival horror fans and Resident Evil players that the game is set to come out on time.

capcom resident evil 4
The Resident Evil 4 remake will be just as long as the original and leave out no content. (Picture: Capcom)

This update by Hirabayashi comes just days after the team announced in an interview with EDGE Magazine that the remade Resident Evil 4 would not cut any content from the original, including the game's infamous Island section.

In order to create the game, the team separated into three separate groups to create each section of it - Village, Island, and Castle - separately. They then teamed up to create the cohesive product that will hit shelves in March 2023. This is likely the process Hibarashi referred to when he mentioned "making the team united" as they approached the final spurt in production.

The Resident Evil 4 remake is slated for release worldwide on March 24 via PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. The game is already available for pre-order on both consoles and PC, so those who have already bought the game are surely hoping it will come out on time.