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How To Build A Base In Roblox 3008

Building a base in Roblox 3008 is crucial to survival; here's how.
How To Build A Base In Roblox 3008
(Picture: Roblox/Uglyburger)

In Uglyburger's Roblox 3008, you'll need to eat, fight off enemies, and build a base to survive. Building your base is critical to every other step of survival; it'll require gathering resources, keeping Employees' attacks in mind, and maintaining your home over time. You'll also need to find a suitable location. Here's how to build and maintain your base in Roblox 3008.

How To Build A Base In Roblox 3008

Setting Up Your Base

  1. Find a Good Location: Before starting your build in Roblox 3008, find an area that has lots of resources. This way, you can easily access them while building - and after you're done. You'll also want to find a spot away from where the Employees and other enemies roam.

  2. Create a Waypoint: It's a good idea to make a Waypoint while making your base, since this will set a new respawn point for you and allow you to return when you need to or if you die. To create a Waypoint, just press "T".

  3. Gather Materials: Once you've found a good place for your base, you'll need to start gathering materials to actually build it. This shouldn't be too hard if you found a good location that's rife with materials, but you might have to look around for what you need.

base roblox 3008
Your base will be a safe place and house your food and resources. (Picture: Uglyburger/Roblox)

Building Your Base

  1. Use Industrial Shelves As A Foundation: Building on Industrial Shelves elevates your base, making it harder for Employees to reach you. It's a good idea to avoid having a base that's directly on the ground, since Employees can easily find their way in.

  2. Consider The King's Attacks: If you're playing on a server that still has the King, building on Industrial Shelves can also protect you from its attacks.
  3. Use Ladders: Like Industrial Shelves, using Ladders will help you elevate your base, making it harder for Employees to attack you up in the air. This is why many users choose to make "floating bases," which float above the ground and protect them from all sorts of attacks. That said, it's worth remembering that Employees can climb Ladders (though slowly), so you'll want to keep an eye out for them.

Maintaining Your Base

  1. Add Extra Protection To Your Base: So you're done building your base, and you're protected from Employees - mostly. There's still a little more you can do to round things out. You might want to add extra walls or barriers around your base to make it more secure after you're done building the basics. This can help protect you from attacks and make it harder for enemies to access your home.

  2. Get Rid Of Ladders at Night: As we mentioned, you'll want to avoid having a base that's directly on the ground, since Employees can easily infiltrate it. They can also climb up any ladders you may have placed while building your base. To prevent them from attacking you while you sleep, get rid of the ladders during the night phase.
  3. Stay Mobile: Your base might be your home in Roblox 3008, but the game is a survival title; you might not be able to stick with one base forever if you end up running low on resources in the area, or Employees become too overwhelming. Don't get too attached to your base, and consider moving if you must.