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How To Get Alpaca In Adopt Me

Alpacas are now available in Adopt Me! Find out how to get one for yourself here.
How To Get Alpaca In Adopt Me

The Alpaca is the latest and one of the cutest new animals in Adopt Me! With the most recent farm update to the game, there are new animals to collect. Thanks to that, the Alpaca became available for players to adopt as well.

Although it is not as rare as something like a Werewolf, the Alpaca is one of the cutest animals you can get in Adopt Me. But what exactly do you need to do to get this new animal? Well, we will tell you the secret here!

How To Get Alpaca In Adopt Me Roblox

Adopt Me Alpaca
You will need some Robux to get the Alpaca in Adopt Me.

Are you ready to get your hands on the Alpaca in Adopt Me? Great! First, you need to make your way to the Farm Stand in the game. There, you will see a rotation of new farm animals that you can adopt for yourself.

Once you are there, head over to the Alpaca. To Adopt the cute little Alpaca, you need to spend 150 Robux. The Alpaca is a premium pet that can only be adopted by Robux in Adopt Me, but it is cheap because it is just an Ultra Rare animal.

How Long Will The Alpaca Be Available For In Adopt Me?

Adopt Me Alpaca
The Alpaca will not be available forever in Adopt Me.

If you want this new animal for yourself, you need to get into Adopt Me right now! The Alpaca is available for purchase at this moment, and you will want to get there as quickly as possible. That is because the Alpaca will eventually be rotated out of the shop.

The Alpaca will only be available in Adopt Me for two weeks. Once those two weeks are up, who knows when it will return? If you are interested in getting this new pet, now is the perfect time to do so before you run out of time.