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All Capuchin Monkeys in Adopt Me! How To Get & Toys

We explain how Roblox Adopt Me! players can get all six Capuchin Monkeys in the Traveling Fairground event, as well as the items required.
All Capuchin Monkeys in Adopt Me! How To Get & Toys
Uplift Games

Every Roblox Adopt Me! player worth their salt will want to get all six (6) unique Capuchin Monkeys during the Traveling Capuchin Fairground circus event before it ends on 18 April 2024. 

Take a seat, pet collector; we've got you covered with this guide. We'll explain how you can get all six Capuchin Monkeys, and the toy items required to upgrade standard ones into unique, beautiful alternative versions, so let's jump in!

How To Get All Capuchin Monkeys in Adopt Me!

Roblox Adopt Me Capuchin monkeys upgrade toy items unlocks princess inmate ghost pirate royal
Open those boxes from the Traveling Capuchin Fairground circus event today! (Picture: Kydamilano YouTube / Uplift Games)

There are six Capuchin Monkeys you can get in Adopt Me! The first, regular one, you can get simply by purchasing it from the middle of the Traveling Capuchin Fairground circus for 300 Bucks each. Follow the steps below to get the next four Capuchin Monkeys in Roblox Adopt Me!

  • Purchase four standard Capuchin Monkeys.
  • Earn three (3) of the toy items required.
  • Head to the specific Capuchin Monkey you want and talk to it, handing in three of the items and a standard Capuchin Monkey for it to evolve. For example, x3 Tutus to get the Princess Capuchin Monkey.
  • Repeat the process until you have Princess, Pirate Ghost, Preppy, and Inmate variants.

There's only one left now, the Royal Capuchin Monkey. You can get it by opening Standard Boxes from the event (0.5 chance) or Premium Boxes (10% chance). Speaking of, you should probably check out our detailed guide on the Capuchin Boxes in Adopt Me!, as well as item drop chances from these containers.

Toy Items For Capuchin Monkeys in Adopt Me!

The table below outlines the precise toy items you must get to upgrade your Capuchin Monkey to a specific, rare type in Roblox Adopt Me! with ease.

Adopt Me! Capuchin Monkey Type Toy Items Required For Upgrade
Inmate x3 Toy Handcuffs
Preppy x3 Cool Sunglasses
Pirate Ghost x3 Compasses
Princess x3 Tutus

Check out YouTuber Kydamilano's video below, where they open 30 Standard and 20 Premium Capuchin Boxes, thereby getting enough items to get every single Capuchin in Roblox Adopt Me!

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