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How To Get Candy In Adopt Me Halloween 2023

In Adopt Me, candy is a currency that is used during Halloween events to purchase pets and other items. Here's how to get Candy for free.
How To Get Candy In Adopt Me Halloween 2023

Adopt Me has recently launched its Halloween update, which features new pets, accessories, and a mini-game. To obtain the new items in the latest update, the game requires you to spend Candy, which is a new form of digital currency in Adopt Me.

Luckily, players can earn Candies for free in Adopt Me and purchase new pets and accessories without spending a dime. So, here's a comprehensive guide on how to earn Candies fast during the Adopt Me Halloween 2023 event.

How To Earn Candy Fast in Adopt Me Halloween 2023

To get candy, you need to play the mini game that is available every 10 minutes.

Playing the new Tile Skip Minigame during the Halloween event is the only way to earn Candy for free in Adopt Me.

The Tile Skip Minigame is a group-based game that requires at least two players to start. The game lasts for about a minute, and you can join it by going to the Halloween event area in Adopt Me.

The game starts with a countdown, and then you can see a platform with tiles in front of you. Your goal is to reach the end of the platform without falling off.

If you manage to cross the bridge successfully, you will get 3,000 candies as a reward. That means you only need to win twice to buy the Ghost pet. If you fail, you can try again until the time runs out.

Is There Any Alternative Way To Get Candy in Adopt Me?

You can also spend Robux to get Candy

If playing the Tile Skip Minigame isn't for you, you can directly purchase Candies using the Robux. Here's the pricing list:

  • 300 Candy: 7 Robux
  • 1750 Candy: 40 Robux
  • 4400 Candy: 100 Robux
  • 11500 Candy: 250 Robux
  • 31250 Candy: 625 Robux
  • 70000 Candy: 1250 Robux

It's worth noting that Robux is a premium Roblox currency, which means a user will need to spend real money in order to acquire it.