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All New Pets & Items In Adopt Me Halloween 2023

The new Halloween 2023 update has brought a bunch of new spooky pets and items to Adopt Me and this article provides a quick overview of the new additions.
All New Pets & Items In Adopt Me Halloween 2023

Are you ready for a spooky adventure in Adopt Me? The popular Roblox game, Adopt Me, has launched its Halloween update, and it’s full of surprises! You can explore the haunted Asylum, play the new minigame Tile Skip, and collect Candy to exchange for new pets, toys, and pet wear!

So, without any further delay, here’s everything you need to know about all of the new pets and items available in the Adopt Me Halloween update.

Every New Pet in Adopt Me Halloween 2023

All new pets in Adopt Me Halloween 2023

There are three new pets that you can get in the Halloween update: the Nightmare Owl, the Ghost, and the Vampire Dragon. Each of them has a unique appearance and personality that will make your Halloween more fun!

  • Nightmare Owl: This ultra-rare pet is the most expensive one in the update, costing 75000 Candy.
  • Ghost: This common pet is the cheapest one in the update, costing only 3,500 Candy.
  • Vampire Dragon: This legendary pet is the only one that you can buy with Robux, costing 1000 Robux.

Every New Toy and Pet Wear in Adopt Me Halloween 2023

There are also many new toys and pet wear that you can get in the Halloween update. You can spoil your pets with these spooky items and make them look more festive!

Item Candy Cost Rarity
Pumpkin Kitty Plushie 750 Uncommon
Jack-O-Lantern Light 950 Rare
Full Moon Flying Disc 250 Common
Vampire Skull Rattle 700 Uncommon
Bandage Propeller 850 Common
Spellbook Throw Toy 1000 Rare
Candy Skewer 6500 Ultra Rare
Vampire Chew Toy 7000 Ultra Rare
Death Cloak 4200 Ultra Rare
Ball and Chain Earrings 550 Common
Monster Hat 3250 Ultra Rare
Slime Backpack 450 Common
Evil Headphones 1150 Uncommon
Jack-O-Lantern Shades 950 Uncommon
Wicked Boots 1500 Rare
Eye Bat Monocle 500 Common
Skull Bow 1650 Rare

How Long Will the Halloween Update Last?

The Halloween update in Adopt Me will last until November 2nd, 2023. That means you have plenty of time to enjoy the spooky festivities and get all the new items! The update will also have new minigames, pets, and items added in each week, so make sure to check back often and see what’s new!

Adopt Me Halloween Event ends in
25 days, 16:23:49